James Brown – Soul Brother No.1

James Brown – Soul Brother No.1

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James Brown – Soul Brother No.1.

“Soul Brother Number One”, “The Godfather of Soul“, “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business“, “Mr. Dynamite“, his titles say it all: James Brown was a legendary artist.
Adynamic live performer which an energy that is also captured in studio recordings like this.
His fresh sound mobilized music and inspired artists like MichaelJackson, Prince and Dr. Dre.
He was a leading figure in turning R&B into soul and the one person most responsible for transforming soul music into funk.

Side A:

1.Think 2:48
2.No, No, No, No 2:12
3.Bewildered 2:23
4.Try Me (I Need You) 2:32
5.Prisoner Of Love 2:22
6.Please, Please, Please 2:44
7.Night Flying 2:14
8.You’ve Got The Power (feat. Bea Ford) 2:20
9.There Must Be A Reason 2:26
10.Chonnie-On-Chon 2:16

Side B:

1.Night Train 3:31
2.Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. 2:51
3.Shout & Shimmy 2:50
4.(Can You) Feel It (Pt.1) 2:56
5.(Can You) Feel It (Pt.2) 2:35
6.I’ve Got Money 2:29
7.I Love You, YesI Do 2:45
8.Lost Someone 3:06

Label : Cult Legends -  CL86354
Barcode : 8717662586354

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