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5000 Volts - 5000 Volts.

• 5000 Volts - the 70's UK Disco act formed by session vocalists, ex Wild Honey singer Tina Charles, and Martin Jay. The pair had previously sung together in the group Northern Lights. The duo's first single “Bye Love,” was released under the name Airbus through Phonogram in West Germany in 1975. A few weeks later Philips in the UK picked up the single but UK DJs preferred the b-side “I'm On Fire,” penned by producer Tony Ayers, so Philips flipped the single and changed the group’s name to the dynamic 5000 Volts. These changes culminated in “I'm On Fire” spending 2 months on the UK singles chart peaking at an incredible #4, and also going on to reach #26 on the Billboard singles chart.

• With the success of “I'm On Fire,” a high tempo Boney M-esque disco stomp with raucous vocals from Charles, the pressure was on to record an album so the group drafted in ex Northern Lights band mates Kevin Wells (drums) and Martin Cohen (bass) as well as keyboardist Mike Nelson to complete a strong line up for 5000 Volts.

• Second single “Look Out – I'm Coming, a funky pop groove in the vein of K.C. & The Sunshine Band, unfortunately didn't make an impact on the fickle UK charts. However their European release “Motion Man,” an intense string led disco groove not unlike “I'm On Fire,” broke the German top 30 and afforded them a tour of the country. Meanwhile Tina Charles had found solo success with her single “I Love To Love (But My Baby Loves To Dance)” and as a result left the group high and dry for the German tour, which had to be cancelled, leaving their reputation on the continent in tatters. The group forged on replacing Charles with Linda Kelly and releasing “Doctor Kiss-Kiss,” a smooth mid-tempo disco groove in the vein of Silver Convention featuring Kelly's much more subtle vocal style.  It was their second and last UK top ten (#8),  before retreating from the limelight.

• BBR is very proud to present 5000 VOLTS, expertly remastered and complete with extensive liner notes and bonus tracks.

• 5000 VOLTS is essential listening for all R&B, Disco, Funk, Soul, Dance and Pop fans out there!

Tracklist :

I'm On Fire     2:39
Look Out - I'm Coming     3:46
Doctor Kiss-Kiss     3:08
The Late Late Show     3:32
Thunderfire     4:14
Bye Love     3:31
Motion Man     3:55
Take Me Back     3:10
One Stop Baby     3:42
Light The Flame Of Love     3:30
Come Hear The Music     3:33
Give That Lovin' To Me     2:50

Bonustracks :

Love Cloud 3:35
Can't Stop Myself From Loving You 3:35
You're Lookin'Good 4:01
Still On Fire (Instrumental) 2:41

Label : Hot Shot Records / Big Break Records
        HSR 011
Ean : 5013929241138

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  • 5000 Volts - 5000 Volts