80’s Soul Classics vol. 2 2-cd

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80’s Soul Classics vol. 2

The 24 tracks showcased here are a gorgeous mix of stone classics and lesser-known 80’s R&B/funk titles pulled from obscure album releases and rare 12" singles. Many cuts make their first appearance on CD. PTG Records presents unpretentious fun grooves from Alphonse Mouzon, B.T. Express, Full Force, Leprechaun, Afterbach and Young & Company. The material verges on disco but still keeps things soulful. Discover more dancefloor-ready stormers by Jerry Knight, Aurra, Carl Carlton, Chew, Alvin Fields and Amuzement Park.  Memphis band Chocolate Milk liberates some harder Southern funk energy on the classic “Who’s Getting It Now”, off their album Friction. (soon to be released on PTG Records).
80’s Soul Classics Volume 2 also digs up rare 80’s bits from The Reddings, Cashmere, Gene Dunlap, Jr. Tucker, Plush and Skool Boyz. To top it all, PTG Records reunited a couple of mellow swingers featuring the distinctive hallmarks of mid-80’s R&B sophistication. Lillo Thomas “Your Love’s Got A Hold On Me”, The Controllers “Got A Thang” and Paul Laurence “Strung Out” are all premium HUSH products. The jazzier cut “Day By Day” proves that when Shakatak teams up with singer Al Jarreau, nothing can go wrong.
Not to be missed either on this compilation is Aurra’s “Live and let live” fine contemporary R&B from the Salsoul Records label and Leprechaun “Loc-it-up” never seen on a compilation before...
Now place this fresh CD in your disc player and enjoy an adventurous journey on the waves of the golden age that brought us R&B music with inspiration and guts. Meanwhile, if you don’t mind, we start hunting for more stunning records to be released on Volume 3!

CD 1

1.    AFTERBACH – Wanna Fill You Up – 4:55 – ( B. Taylor, M. Caroll, M. Brookins, R. Brookins) (p) 1981  Columbia / Sony
2.    YOUNG & COMPANY - I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) 7:13
(B. Young, B. Hank, M. Young) – Lena Music/ That’s Right - (p) 1980 Brunswick Records Corp.
3.    JERRY KNIGHT - Fire 5:05
(J. Knight) - Almo Music Corp/Crimsco Music (p) 1982 A&M Records Inc./Universal
4.    AURRA - Live And Let Live 4:49
      (C. Jones) – Red Aurra Publishing - (p) 1983 Salsoul Records
5.    CASHMERE - Light Of Love 5:25
(D. Burgee, K. Willliams) – Jaasu/Pizzaz /Philly World Music - (p) 1983 Philly World Records. Licensed courtesy of Essential Media Group LLC. (www.emglicensing.com)
    6.    SHAKATAK with AL JARREAU – Day by day 4:14
(Saward, Anderson) – Skratch Music Publishing – (p) 1985 Polydor
7.    THE REDDINGS - Back To The Basics (With Our Love) 3:21
(O. Redding, M. Lockett, D. Redding) - Band of Angels Music/Detoxis Music Inc./EMI Blackwood Music Inc. – (p)p 1983 Sony Music
    8.  CARL CARLTON - Sexy Lady 5:23
(M. McGloiry) - Jim-Edd Music/Mikel Nickel Music - (p) 1981 20th Century Fox
    9.  ALVIN FIELDS - Lucky Number Seven 6:03
(A. Field, M. Zager) - Sumac Music (p) 1981 A&M/Universal
    10.    AMUZEMENT PARK - So Inspired 4:40
(Paul Richmond) – Mirus Music/Two Sisters/ Earl Music (p) 1982 Our Gang Entertainment
    11. LILLO THOMAS - Your Love’s Got A Hold On Me 6:25
    (P. Laurence, T. Allen) - Bush Burnin' Music, Inc (p) 1984 Capitol Records Inc.
    12. FULL FORCE – TURN YOU ON 6:00
(B. George, P. George, L. George, C. Bedeau, Full Force) – Slagar Full Force Music – (p) 1980 Dazz Rec.

CD 2

1.    ALPHONSE MOUZON - I’m Glad That You’re Here 5:22
(A. Mouzon) - (p) 1981 Mouzon Music Co.  
2.    B.T. EXPRESS - This Must Be The Night For Love 6:27
    (B. Baker, J. Friedman) – (p) 1982 Roadshow /Coast To Coast
3.    BLOODSTONE - My Love Grows Stronger 6:16
    (M. Jackson, S. Jones, V. Jones) – (p) 1982 T-Neck
4.    CHEW - Tell Me You Love Me 4:30
    (R. A. Chew, Y. Horton, S. Figueroa, E. Barfield, S. Barbra) - (p) 1983 Capitol/ EMI  
5.    CHOCOLATE MILK - Who’s Getting It Now 6:41
(A. Jones, M. Toles) –  Cessess Pub/Million Dollar Music/Chocolate Milk Music (p) 1982 RCA Corp
6.    LEPRECHAUN – Loc-It-Up 5:51
(Curtis Cumbo) – Copyright Control - (p) 1981 Excaliber Rec.
7.    GENE DUNLAP - Love Dancin’ 4:30
(Gene Dunlap) – MCA Music Publishing, A Division Of MCA Inc.   (p)  1981 Capitol Records Inc.
8.    JR. TUCKER - Too Young To Fall In Love 4:00
(K. Peterson, D. Pride) - (p) 1983 Geffen/Universal
9.    PLUSH - Free And Easy 5:18
(Rene Moore, Angela Winbush) - Moore and Moore Music (p) 1982 BMG Music
10.    SKOOL BOYZ - I Don’t Want Nobody Else (One Woman Man) 3:37
(Jerry Knight) - (p) 1984 CBS/Sony    
11.    CONTROLLERS - Got A Thang 5:08  
(K. Keys, R.A. Brown, B. Eastmond) -(p) 1986 MCA/Universal
12.    PAUL LAURENCE - Strung Out 6:35
    (Paul Laurence) - Bush Burnin' Music, Inc. - (p) 1985 Capitol Records Inc.


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PTG 34099
Ean : 8717438196992

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