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Tom is a small time drifter without a care in the world until he finds himself trapped on a dangerous, remote island and infatuated with a mysterious woman who seem part beautiful and innocent, and part dirty little whore.

He’s stuck in shark-invested waters and some of the sharks are very definitely human. A stolen diamond, a mad and murderous gangster, and his gorgeous, but double-crossing, girlfriend all tempt Tom up to his neck in danger and desire. Every orgy of sex is swiftly followed by an orgy of violence, but Tom’s beautiful seductress has him by the balls in more ways than one…

Gambling with death for a lifetime of riches, Tom doesn’t know whether he should fight or flee as he finds himself caught between A Rock and a Hard Place. Stars Lisa Falcone, Frank Rodriquic, Greg Neid, Ai Wan & Alina Kaley.


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