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A revealing record of the six month creative process that resulted in PUMP - one of Aerosmith's most dynamic and acclaimed albums. Go behind the scenes and witness the Bad Boys from Boston as they rehearse, argue, jam and laydown the muscle-flexing tracks only Aerosmith can produce. Aerosmith. Rare, raw and uncheines. 110 minutes of video that your mother doesn't want you to see.

Includes: Unedited conversations between the band and their production team. Exclusive musical jams never before seen or heard. Personal interviews with the band members covering a provocative array of subjects.

Aerosmith. Belted, buckled, booted and ready to PUMP!

90 minutes
regio 2


1.  The Making Of Pump  
2.  More Rehearsals  
3.  'Monkey On My Back' Rough  
4.  Brad's Guitar  
5.  Guitar Jam With Joe & Brad  
6.  Steven On Phone  
7.  'Don't Get Mad, Get Even'  
8.  Steven & Joe Talk About Bruce Fairbairn  
9.  Steven & Joe Talk About Demos Before Van  
10.  'janie's Got A Gun' Demo  
11.  'Janie's Got A Gun'  
12.  Steven On Music's Importance  
13.  Band Comments On The Past  
14.  'My Girl' Rough  
15.  Overdub Session  
16.  Band Talks About Their Songs  
17.  Steven Talks About His Inspiration For '  
18.  'Love In An Elevator'  
19.  Titling Of Pump Album  
20.  Album Playback For Record Company  
21.  Meeting With John Kalodner & Band On Lyr  
22.  'What It Takes'  
23.  John Kalodner & Steven Talk About New Al  
24.  Band & John Kalodner Discuss Cover Art  
25.  Steven Overdubs Keyboards  
26.  Brad Discusses Mixing/Horns Rehearse  
27.  Joe Rehearses & Talks About Next Record  
28.  'The Other Side' Rough  
29.  Intro To 'The Other Side'  
30.  'The Other Side'  
31.  Pump's Achievements  
32.  DVD Menu Chaptering - See A&R For Cleare  
33.  Audio Mix - DVD Audio Menu Version