Aiff - Afro Soul System

Aiff ( Influenced Funk Federation) - Afro Soul System

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AIFF are in long terms Afro Influenced Funk Federation. The Dutch musicians around DJ and producer Phil Martin and musician Ton van der Kolk play an enormous groove establishing their own version of afro-funk. Influenced by classic afro funk like Fela Kuti, they try to bring afro-funk to a new dimension.

Like other actual afro funk projects, they integrate all their musical influences in their tracks. The favourite styles they melt to their unique sound range from deep-funk, soul and jazz to reggae and afro music. They just love all kinds of roots music. AIFF give proof to the fact that young musicians can make music in an afrobeat way. The percussions are breathing in a wide space, the guitar simply forces you to dance and the horns change from mellow to rude style. You can feel the "endless groove" rising, which is when a base rhythm of drums, muted guitar and bass are repeated like the groove will never end. AIFF played most instruments on their own, for the vocals and horns they just asked friends they like to work with like Marco Hijl on saxophone and flute.


01. Circles 4:33
02. Afro Riddim 4:16
03. Watergirls 3:57
04. Life 5:25
05. Mission L'afrique 4:33
06. Don't Stop 3:59
07. Ugly Duckling 4:57
08. Dare 4:05
09. The Seduction 4:05
10. Let It Rock 4:22
11. Akwaaba 3:53

Label : Social Beats.
Ean : 882119013122


  • Aiff - Afro Soul System