Allure Chapter III

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1. Intro
2. Hate To Love You
3. Relax
4. Let Him Go
5. Longlost Love
6. I Think I'm In Love
7. Sitting At Home
8. Bittersweet
9. Just Can't Stay Here
10. Uh-Oh - (featuring Elephant Man)
11. I Watch Ya
12. Frustratin'
13. Gospel Interlude
14. Stay
15. I Think I'm In Love - (remix, featuring Joe Budden)
16. I Feel So - (featuring Ron Artest)

It's all systems go with Chapter III - Allure's third album. The difference this time: direction. They give it and take it on Chapter III. Working with some of the top producers in the business, the results are spectacular.

Allure - Alia, Akissa, and Lalisha. Their voices are angelic and they really do have some of the best combined harmonies since…umm….En Vogue! Which are heavenly displayed from the first song to the last.

Co-written by the group, Chapter III is the true definition of "Where Hip Hop and R&B Live." Lead double-sided single: The Edmonds Group's crazy Uh Oh, featuring the highly visible Elephant Man. And the infectious flip side Hate To Love You.