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1.: It's Ok!

2.: Love Won't Wait

3.: The Tide is High (Get the Feeling)

4.: Feels So Good

5.: Walking on the Water

6.: The Moment You Leave Me

7.: The Last Goodbye

8.: Love Doesn't Have to Hurt

9.: Softer the Touch

10.: The Way That You Are

11.: Baby Don't Hurt Me

12.: So Hot

13.: Maybe I'm Right

14.: No One Loves You (Like I Love You)

15.: Whole Again

The second album from Atomic Kitten is a mixed bag of good and bad. The good thing about Feels So Good is a varied selection of well crafted songs from a respected group of writers whose credits include hits for Kylie and All Saints to name but two. The downside is their obvious shift to middle-of-the-road, adult-orientated "soft-pop" inspired by the reaction to their uber-ballad "Whole Again".