Badly Drawn Boy - Born In The UK + DVD

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Track listing
1. Swimming Pool
2. Born In The UK
3. Degrees Of Separation
4. Welcome To The Overground
5. Journey From A To B
6. Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind
7. Promises
8. Way Things Used To Be
9. Without A Kiss
10. Long Way Round (Swimming Pool)
11. Walk You Home (Tonight)
12. Time Of Times
13. One Last Dance

1. Documentary (DVD)
2. Born In The UK (video/DVD)
3. Time Of Times (acoustic take/DVD)
4. Journey From A To B (rehearsal/DVD)
5. Welcome To The Overground (instrumental rehearsal/DVD)
6. Born In The UK (acoustic take/DVD)

Easily the finest Badly Drawn Boy album since 2002's ABOUT A BOY soundtrack, BORN IN THE U.K. finds the British alternative-pop artist (a.k.a. Damon Gough) playing to his strengths after a period of creative stagnation. While the title track (a nod to Gough's musical hero, Bruce Springsteen) is energetic and assured as it careens over a Beatlesque drum line, "Nothing's Going to Change Your Mind" is a lush, plaintive ballad that reinforces earlier comparisons to Harry Nilsson.Although BORN IN THE U.K. doesn't feature the overt eclecticism of Gough's lauded debut, THE HOUR OF BEWILDERBEAST, it benefits not only from Gough's renewed focus on crafting compelling pop songs, but from a new creative foil, Lemon Jelly's Nick Franglen, who helped to flesh out the album's arrangements. Although the record will readily appeal to Badly Drawn Boy diehards, it should also win over some lapsed fans, and garner some new admirers as well.