Barbara Mason - Transition (Remastered)

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Barbara Mason - Transition.

Great 1974 Barbara mason album recorded at Sigma sound, ‘Transition’ has all the hallmarks of a classic Philly album, with arrangements from Norman Harris, Richard Rome and Bobby Eli. It contains 9 songs with a social commentary and message. The classic ‘World in a Crisis’ and ‘Miracle man’ are Philly /Modern soul dancers. ‘Half Sister Half Brother’, and ‘Devil is Busy’ are also good uptempo tracks, ‘Trigger happy people’ and ‘Sunday Saint (Weekday Sinner)’also have that Philly sound to them.

1     Half Sister, Half Brother 4:00
2     World In A Crisis 3:26
3     The Devil Is Busy 5:24
4     People Don't Believe  4:29
5     Trigger Happy People 4:20
6     Time Is Running Out 3:39
7     Miracle Man 3:30
8     I Believe And Have Not Seen 4:37
9     Sunday Saint (Week Day Sinner) 3:45

Label: Soul Brother
       CD SBCS 64
EAN: 5019421301325

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