Barbara Streisand - This Is Barbara (LP)

Barbara Streisand - This Is Barbara (LP)

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Barbara Streisand - This Is Barbara (LP).
This multi-talented showstopper started out in the Broadway nightclubs in the 1960s, where her undeniable vocal talent and stage presence quickly caught the attention of several record labels.
She signed a deal at 21 that gave her complete creative control in exchange for less money.
It paid off. She won a Grammy Album of the Year with her 1963 debut and Streisand has been unstoppable ever since. 
Barbra is a household name, many generations growing up tith her music and a career spanning more than 6 decades.
Barbra's vocals shine in these early studio recordings with such classics as "Happy Days Are Here Again" and "My Coloring Book."

Sida A :

1. My Coloring Book  3:11
2. I'm Not A Well Man  2:20
3. Happy Days Are Here Again 2:54  
4. Doing The Reactionary 1:51
5. Not Cricket To Picket  2:26
6. Four Little Angels Of Peace 4:35  
7. What Are They Doing To Us? 7:14

Side B :

8. Lover Come Back To Me  1:49
9. Miss Marmelstein  3:19
10. Nobody Makes A Pass At Me 4:14  
11. When The Sun Comes Out  3:00
12. Status Quo  4:23
13. Ballad Of The Garment Trade 3:23
14. What Good Is Love  3:33

Label : Cult Legends  CL 86448
Barcode :8717662586446

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