Billy Idol - California FM 1990   Live.

Billy Idol - California FM 1990 Live.

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Billy Idol - California FM 1990   Live.

Best of Billy Ido Live at the Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, USA, October 27, 1990

Billy Idol started as a London punk and brought that attitude with him to become one of most recognizable popstars of the 80’s. 
His 2nd LP Rebel Yell became his biggest success and put him on the map in the States with smash hits like "Rebel Yell", "Eyes Without a Face", and "Flesh for Fantasy".
The album sold millions and reached double platinum status. 
Attune to the MTV era, Idol’s music videos are a visual treat and prepared the audience for his enigmatic stage presence, headlining stadiums all over the world. 
This recording features al these hits and more like ‘White Wedding’ and ‘Sweet Sixteen’ on 180 gr. heavy vinyl.

Side A : 

1. Eyes Without A Face 5:14
2. White Wedding 4:38
3. L.A. Woman 5:14
4. Flesh For Fantasy 6:31
5. (Do Not) Stand In The Shadows 3:08

Side B :

1. Rebel Yell 4:37
2. Cradle Of Love 4:30
3. Sweet Sixteen 4:02
4. Mony Mony 3:39
5. Prodigal Blues 8:02

Playing time : ca 49 minutes

Label : Cult Legends CL91488
Barcode : 8717662591488

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  • Billy Idol - California FM 1990   Live.