Bronski Beat ‎– The Age Of Remix 3-cd

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Bronski Beat ‎– The Age Of Remix 3-cd.
A strictly limited edition 3-disc dance remix companion set to the recent Bronski Beat release ‘The Age Of Reason’.

Celebrated synth-pop pioneer Steve Bronski has been the driving force behind the continuing Bronski Beat for 35 years. This album features the much loved electronic act’s most recent singer; the powerful soul-pop, multi octave ranged Stephen Granville. ‘The Age Of Remix’ reorientates Bronski Beat’s recent ‘The Age Of Reason’ album – itself a contemporary remake of Bronski Beat’s landmark debut album ‘The Age Of Consent’ – for the electronic dancefloor of today. Featuring no less than 25 full throttle, all new and previously unreleased remixes from a plethora of current crack dance floor remixers, ‘The Age Of Remix’ is a celebration of the continuing impact and relevance of one of the most venerated, era-defining and important albums of both synth-pop and LGBT history.

The third disc in this deluxe 3 1/2 hour set is a bonus continuous mix by Sordid Soundz, also known as Bronski Beat programmer Ian Donaldson, which itself contains some exclusive snippets of further previously unreleased mixes.
CD 1:
1-1    No More War (Leæther Strip Remix)        5:25
1-2    It Ain't Necessarily So (Mazai Remix)       5:46
1-3    Love & Money (Scandall 'N' Ros Remix)   5:57
1-4    Junk (Hatiras' Spacedisco Remix)   7:02
1-5    Hard Rain (Cev's Remix)        5:51
1-6    A Flower For Dandara (Rob Moore Remix) 5:06
1-7    Smalltown Boy (Gettoblaster Remix)       5:59
1-8    Heatwave (Dwayne Minard House Mix)    5:26
1-9    Why? (Gabry Venus Remix)   5:27
1-10  I'll Be Gone (Mathey B Remix)        7:15
1-11  Run From Love (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix)   7:13
1-12  Need A Man Blues (Zurra Remix)    5:30
1-13  Screaming (Deanne Club Mix)        6:03
CD 2:
2-1    Smalltown Boy (Dario Trapani Remix)      4:20
2-2    Love & Money (Oggie B Remix)       6:21
2-3    It Ain't Necessarily So (Vincent Caira Remix)    5:45
2-4    Junk (Babert Remix)     5:33
2-5    Why? (HP Vince Dub)   6:05
2-6    Close To The Edge (Mvzzik Remix)  6:43
2-7    Run From Love (Sordid Soundz Dub)       7:24
2-8    Hard Rain (Space City Remix)         8:12
2-9    A Flower For Dandara (Jose Jimenez Remix)     5:50
2-10  Stars (People Theatre's Milky Way Mix)    6:53
2-11  I'll Be Gone (Interface Remix)        5:26
2-12  Smalltown Boy (Babert Remix)       5:32
CD 3:
A Continuous Mix Compiled & Mixed By Sordid Soundz Featuring
3-1.1  Smalltown Boy (Babert Remix)
3-1.2  Need A Man Blues (Zurra Remix)
3-1.3  Love & Money (Oggie B Remix)
3-1.4  Heatwave (Dwayne Minard House Mix)
3-1.5 I'll Be Gone (Mathey B Remix)
3-1.6 Why? (Qubiq Deep Club Mix)
3-1.7 Hard Rain (Cev's Remix)
3-1.8 Run From Love (Dirty Disco Mailroom Remix)
3-1.9 Close To The Edge (Mvzzik Remix)
3-1.10 A Flower For Dandara (Jose Jimenez Remix)
3-1.11 It Ain't Necessarily So (Digital Anodyne Remix)
3-1.12 Stars (People Theatre's Happiness Mix)
3-1.13 Junk (Tweaka Turner Tech House Mix)

Label : Strike Force Entertainment ‎– SFE 064T
Barcode : 5013929847422

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