Budgie - Live In Los Angeles

Budgie - Live In Los Angeles

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Budgie - Live In Los Angeles

Best Of Budgie Live at A&M Records STudios, Los Angeles, USA, April 30, 1978

Budgie, despite the cute nature of their name, are quoted to be "among the heaviest metal of its day." 
Founded in the 60’s they were one of the first heavy metal bands and helped ignite the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. 
Often described as a cross between Black Sabbath and Rush, Budgies heavy riffs, high pitched powerful vocals and quirky song titles, stand out. 
Building quite a following, especially in the UK they are a major influence
to many metal and rock bands that followed. 
Budgie recieved cult status in the States, especially after Metallica covered two Budgie classics, "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" and " Breadfan ".

Side A : 

Melt the Ice Away 3:50
In the Grip of a Tyrefitters Hand 5:32
Smile Boy Smile 3:48
In for the Kill / You Are the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk 6:28
Love for You and Me 3:56

Side B : 

Parents 9:54
Breaking All the House Rules 6:30
Breadfan 7:29

Label : Cult Legends CL93789 
Barcode : 8717662593789

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