Carlos Garnett – Cosmos Nucleus

Carlos Garnett – Cosmos Nucleus

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Carlos Garnett – Cosmos Nucleus.
The opener Saxy is about as funky as a big band can be, Carlos taking lead over an incredibly funky rhythm with a huge ensemble of Horns in the background. 

The title cut is a twelve-minute opus allowing the band to develop the track as it flows through different sections. 
Wise Old Man is a lively highly rhythmic song on which Carlos sings words of wisdom. 
Bed- Stuy Blues is perhaps the most traditional big band track on the album, but even that breaks down into a funky jam towards the end. 
The most famous cut is the Mystery Of Ages, a superb vocal track with spiritual lyrics questioning our purpose on Earth and life thereafter. 
Cheryl P. Alexander sings it wonderfully. The track has a strong rhythm and vibe, and it has become an underground club cult anthem, popular throughout the past 20 years. 
Carlos earthy style of music has been more widely appreciated retrospectively and this album is highly sought after by jazz collectors its original vinyl issue. 
We are delighted to present this album on CD for the first time anywhere in the world, as part of our classic albums series.


Cosmos Nucleus
Wise Old Men
Mystery Of Ages
Bed-Stuy Blues

Label : Soul Brother Records   – CDSBCS70
Barcode : 5013993577027

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