Chic - Risque

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Track listing

1. Good Times
2. Warm Summer Night
3. My Feet Keep Dancing
4. My Forbidden Lover
5. Can't Stand To Love You
6. Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song)
7. What About Me

Chic: Bernard Edwards (vocals, bass); Alfa Anderson, Luci Martin (vocals); Nile Rodgers (guitar); Tony Thompson (drums).
Additional personnel: Fonzi Thornton, Michele Cobbs, Ullanda McCullough (vocals); Raymond Jones, Robert Sabino, Andy Schwartz (keyboards); Sammy Figueroa (percussion); Fayard Nicholas, Eugene Jackson, Sammy Warren (tap dance).The Chic Strings: Gene Orloff, Karen Milne, Cheryl Hong, Karen Karlsrud, Valerie Haywood.Recorded at The Power Station and Electric Lady, New York, New York.They made two great albums, yet for some reason this one comes out on top over C'est Chic. They represented the pinnacle of late 70s disco music, with a brand of slick soul that was made for the dance floor. Nile Rodgers and the late Bernard Edwards were the Babyfaces of their day. Their compositions, record production and sparing musicianship (guitar and bass, respectively) made Chic such a classy unit. Hard to imagine listening to this in a normal home environment as the fantasy of white suits and exotic cocktails is just too much to bear. 90s urban R&B owes everything to Chic.