Color Me Badd - Time And Chance Jam & Lewis

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  • EAN code: 743211667425

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Flyte Tyme Production.  Jam & Lewis.

Tracklist :.
1   Intro - Ecclesiates 9:11  0:21 
     Vocals - Ossie Davis 
2   Time And Chance  4:22 
    Engineer - Warren Woods
    Producer - DJ Pooh 
3   Groovy Now  4:09 
    Engineer - Warren Woods
    Producer - DJ Pooh 
4   Let Me Have It All  4:21 
    Engineer - Steve Peck , Vittorio Zammarano
    Human Beatbox - Doug E. Fresh
    Producer - Amir Bayyan 
5   Rosanna's Little Sister  3:53 
    Co-producer - Geoffrey Williams
     Engineer - Frank Garfi 
6   How Deep  4:58 
     Producer - Mark Murray 
7   La Tremenda (Intro)  0:27 
8   In The Sunshine  4:50 
      Vocals - Bootsy Collins 
9   Choose  4:23 
      Engineer - Steve Hodge
      Producer - Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis 
10   The Bells  3:31 
      Engineer - Steve Hodge
      Producer - Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis 
11   Wildflower  4:35 
       Mixed By - Mick Guzauski 
12   Livin' Without Her  4:56 
13   Close To Heaven  4:17 
       Mixed By - Mick Guzauski 
14   Trust Me  3:57 
15   Let's Start With Forever  4:26 
       Mixed By - Jon Gass 
16   God Is Love  5:12 
       Engineer - Vittorio Zammarano 
17   Let Love Rule (God Is Love Outro)  1:38 
18   C'est La Vie  4:03 
        Engineer - Frank Garfi 
19   I Remember  3:31
Color Me Badd: Bryan Abrams, Sam Watters, Kevin Thornton, Mark Calderon (vocals).

Additional personnel includes: Ossie Davis (spoken vocals), Geoffrey Williams, Dee Dee James, Michael Thompson, Dean Brown (guitars), Andrea Stern (harp), Kenneth Holman (saxophone), Mike Mossman, Ron Tooly (trumpets), Raymond Harris (trombone), David Foster (keyboards), George Fitz (Hammond B-3), Amir Bayyan (synthesizer, guitar, bass), Hamza Lee (keyboards, programming, background vocals), Jimmy Jam (keyboards), Terry Lewis (bass, percussion), Sam Simms (bass), Stokley (drums), Earl Yowel, Tre Balfour (percussion), Howard Tee, Simon Franglen (programming).String personnel: Hanley Daws, Daria Tedeschi, John Kennedy, Michael Sobieski, Tom Kornacker, Caroline Daws (violins), Sabina Thatcher, Michael Adams (violas), Daryl Skobba, Sarah Lewis, Dan Watters (cellos).

Background vocalists: Adil Bayyan, Al Farmer, Ibrahim Duarte, Mike Fossenkemper.Producers: DJ Pooh, Color Me Badd, Hamza Lee, Howie Tee, Mark Murray, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, David Foster.Engineers: Vittorio Zammarano, Kendall Stubbs, Steve Peck, Mike Fossenkemper, John Potoker, Frank Garfi, Mike Bona, Steve Hodge, David Reitzas, Kennan Keating.Contains samples from "My Philosophy" (as performed by Boogie Down Productions) and "Crazy For You" (as performed by Prince).

Label : Giant 
Ean : 743211667425
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