Delegation - Deuches High BBR209

Delegation - Deuches High BBR209

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Len Coley and Roddy Harris formed DELEGATION in Birmingham, during the
mid 70’s; later adding Jamaican born Ricky Bailey whose voice was to give
them added flair on lead, helping them to compete in the competitive UK
Soul Market. The Group worked with one of the UK’s most prolific hit
makers of the 70’s and 80’s, Ken Gold, responsible for masterminding The
Real Thing as well as writing and producing for artists such as The Nolans,
Liquid Gold and Billy Ocean who secured a deal with State Records after
which the group released a few UK singles with moderate success.

However, when Oh Honey hit the US charts in 1979 it scored an incredibly
impressive top 50 US Pop chart position and smoothly grooved all the way
to #6 in the US R&B charts helping the album enter the top 100 on the
Billboard Hot 200 and came to rest easily at #8 on the US R&B album chart.

DELEGATION later moved to Ariola Records while changing their line-up
with Len Coley being replaced with Bruce Dunbar, a Broadway Musical
singer who starred in the musical "Hair" before joining the band, bringing
with him his captivating falsetto, so well suited to DELEGATION’s smooth
funky sound. Once they had drafted in the arranging talents of keyboard
virtuoso, Lynton Naismith, DELEGATION went to work on “Eau De Vie”
which would go on to become their highest selling album achieving a Gold
Record status in 1980.

In 1982 Delegation released their third album DEUCES HIGH on Ariola
Records which spawned the singles ‘If You Were A Song’ and ‘Gonna Bring
The House Down’ in the UK. DEUCES HIGH is another high quality set of
smooth, funky sounds from one of the UKs foremost acts of the disco era
and will thrill and excite the discerning dance music lover in equal

BBR is very proud to bring you DEUCES HIGH, completely re-mastered and
repackaged including extensive liner notes featuring an interview with Rick
Bailey and extended bonus content.

DEUCES HIGH is a must have for all Disco, Soul and Funk fans out there!
Especially those who have picked up BBRs re-masters of Delegations “Eau
De Vie” and “Delegation II” and want to complete the group’s early album

Tracklist :

1. What Took You So Long 4:47
2. I Figure I'm out of Your Life 4:40
3. If You Were a Song 3:44
4. Gonna Bring the House Down 5:38
5. Tell Her 3:42
6. Dance Like Fred Astaire 4:18
7. No Words to Say 3:44
8. Would You Like to Start a Thang with Me 3:54
9. Dance-Time USA 5:07

Bonus tracks :

10. It's Your Turn 3:25
11. Can We Get It Back 3:27
12. What Took You So Long [12" Mix] - (remix) 3:51
13. It's Your Turn [Extended Version] 7:13
14. It's Your Turn [Instrumental] 3:25

Label : Big Break Records
CDBBR 0209
Ean : 5013929050938

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