Dire Straits - San Francisco 1979

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Dire Straits - San Francisco 1979.

Best of Dire Straits  live at The Old Waldorf, San Fransisco, CA, USA, March 31, 1979.

Dire Straits were called "the biggest British rock band of the 80s" and even before that decade they firmly planted their feet in rock n roll history with hits like ‘Lady Writer’ and ‘Sultans Of Swing’. During the rise of punk, Dire Straits went a different direction with their melancholy sound influenced by country, folk, blues rock and jazz with the unmistakable sound of virtuoso Mark Knopfleron guitar. This is the Brits on their first North American tour where they played 51 sold-out concerts over a 38-day period.

Side A :

1. Lady Writer 3:36
2. Down To The Waterline 2:54
3. Where Do You Thinl You're Going ? 4:18
4. Eastbound Train 3:40
5. In The Gallery 5:26
6. News 2:43

Side B : 

1. Sultans Of Swing 5:45
2. What's The Matter Baby ? 2:47
3. Water Of Love 5:10
4. Once Upon A Time In The West 5:22
5. Soundbound Again 4:42

Label : CLL 87269
Barcode : 8717662587269

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