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Edwin Starr -  Soul Master.

• EDWIN STARR hailed from Nashville, Tennessee and is best remembered for his rasping Vietnam protest song ‘War’ from 1970.After a stint as vocalist for Bill Doggett’s touring band Starr was able to secure a solo recording deal with Detroit's Ric-Tic Records in 1965 and immediately gained chart success with his self- penned hit ‘Agent Double-O-Soul’ (R&B #8/Pop #21). More Ric-Tic hits followed before Berry Gordy bought out Starr's contract in 1967 and took him and his music to the fabled Motown imprint, making the James Brown and Stax influenced singer the rawest vocalist on the celebrated label.

• SOUL MASTER was Starr's debut album and was released on Motown's Gordy imprint in 1968. With soul music in the 60's, and especially with Motown, the emphasis was on singles, so the album did not chart but does boast a number of R&B hit singles. These include the aforementioned ‘Agent Double-O-Soul’ and Starr's other top ten Ric-Tic release, 1966's ‘Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S)’ (R&B #9/Pop #48/UK #35), as well as ‘Headline News’ (Pop #84). Two more singles, issued on Gordy, charted in the US during the same year as the album release. These were ‘I Am The Man For You Baby’ (R&B #45/Pop #112) and ‘Way Over There’ (Pop #119).

• SOUL MASTER delivers the classic 60's Motown styles with mid to up-tempo songs either swinging, shuffling or stomping their way to a rapid and satisfying conclusion (only one track is over three minutes). On this Motown record however, Starr's rough hewn vocal chops interpreting lyrics by Motown greats Smokey Robinson and Norman Whitfield among others, add punch and weight to the recordings, unlike some of the more successful Motown artists who took a softer approach.

•  Included as bonus tracks on this release are many of the singles and b-sides, recorded both with Ric-Tic and Motown, that Starr released from '65 to '67 that were not included on his debut release. These include 1966's ‘Back Street’ (R&B #33), ‘It's My Turn Now’ and ‘You're My Mellow.’

•  BBR is very proud to present SOUL MASTER, expertly remastered and complete with extensive liner notes and several bonus tracks.  Essential listening for all R&B, Soul and Funk fans out there!    

Tracks :

1 Agent Double-O-Soul  2:41
2 I am the Man for You :Baby  2:43
3 Stop Her on Sight (S.O.S.)  2:19
4 Oh How Happy  2:36
5 Way Over There  2:45
6 My Weakness is You  2:35
7 Headline News  2:33
8 Soul Master  3:19
9 I Want My Baby Back  2:36
10 Love is My Destination  2:54
11 I am Your Man  3:12
12 Time is Passin' By  2:56

Bonustracks :

13 Agent Doulbe-O-Soul  2:46
14 Back Street  2:49
15 Stop Her on Sight (S.O.S.)  2:18
16 I Have Faith in You  2:56
17 Headline News  2:32
18 Harlem  2:20
19 It's My Turn Now  2:56
20 Girl's Are Getting Prettier  2:36
21 You're My Mellow  2:49
22 My Kind of Woman  2:35
23 I Want My Baby Back  2:39
24 Gonna Keep Tryin' 'Til I Win Your Love  2:47
25 I am the Man for You Baby  2:35
26 My Weakness is You  2:21
27 Way Over There  2:45
28 Back Street  2:08
29 Agent Doulbe-O-Soul 2:43

Label : Big Break Records
Ean : 5013929060036

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