Fire - Ohio Players - CD DTS 5.1

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This is a DTS CD, which features DTS 5.1 Surround Sound technology and is playable on a DTS-capable 5.1 sound system. Remixed into 5.1 - Channel surround directly from the original masters.

 Ohio Players: Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner (vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion); Clarence "Satch" Satchell (vocals, saxophone, flute); Billy Beck (vocals, keyboards); Jimmy "Diamond" Williams (vocals, drums, percussion, flugelhorn); Marvin Pierce (trumpet, trombone, percussion); Ralph "Pee-Wee" Middlebrookes (trumpet); Marshall Jones (bass).
Recorded at Paragon Recording Studios, Chicago, Illinois.

It took the Ohio Players numerous albums to make their funk masterpiece, but when FIRE was released in 1974, it proved the culmination of the hard-driving, bass-and-horn-heavy formula they'd been refining since the late '60s. The title cut, which became one of the band's biggest and best-loved hits, starts off with a fire siren and doesn't cool down from there, dropping into a thick, irresistible groove that deepens with added layers of keys, horns, guitars, and overlapping vocals. These classic funk arrangements also power "Runnin' from the Devil" and the slinky "Smoke," which features a jazzy guitar and scat vocal interlude.
Ohio Players' records usually give equal weight to smooth R&B ballads as they do to funk workouts, and FIRE is no exception. The sunny, romantic medley "Together/Feelings" and the break-up song "It's All Over," with its funny-sad lyrics, are excellent examples of the Players' skill with smooth '70s soul, laying on lush arrangements, velvety backup singing, and falsetto leads. On the strength of its musicianship, tunes, and freewheeling energy, FIRE went straight to the top of the charts (its notably sexy cover art didn't hurt either). It remains one of the seminal funk albums of the era.

Track listing
1. Fire
2. Together
3. Runnin' From the Devil
4. I Want to Be Free
5. Smoke
6. It's All Over
7. What the Hell
8. Together / Feelings

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