Hot Chocolate - Remixes and Rarities  3-cd deluxe album

Hot Chocolate - Remixes and Rarities 3-cd deluxe album

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Hot Chocolate - Remixes and Rarities  3-cd deluxe album.

•Cherry Pop are pleased to announce the latest release in their Remixes & Rarities series. This
3CD compilation features a wide selection of “rare” & “hard to find” extended versions,
remixes and b-sides by one of the best loved, successful and enduring bands of the 1970s and
1980s: Hot Chocolate.

•In all, Hot Chocolate charted 25 UK Top 40 hit singles. Their iconic single ‘You Sexy Thing’
became the only track that made British Top Ten status in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Many
of those different versions of ‘You Sexy Thing’ are included within this compilation.

•This set features 36 tracks including extended versions and remixes of some of Hot Chocolate's
best known songs, such as 'You Sexy Thing', 'So You Win Again', 'Every 1’s A Winner' and 'No
Doubt About It' as well as many b-sides with a number of these tracks making their first ever
appearance on CD here.

•Also includes two megamixes: the 9.29 “Froggy” ‘Megamix’ and The ‘Sexy Single Mix’ which
was released on a promotional CD in the Netherlands in 1998.

•All tracks contained within have been remastered with audio being sourced from the original
master tapes where possible.

•Packaged in a deluxe 3CD digipack it also includes a fully illustrated 16-page booklet featuring
extensive sleeve notes by writer Michael Silvester.

•The track Everyone 1’s A Winner has recently enjoyed extensive exposure again by being
featured within the TV advertising campaign for Halifax:
•Almost 3 hours’ worth of Hot Chocolatastic Remixes and Rarities – Everyone’s A Winner… !

Cd 1 :

1. So You Win Again (Stereo) 4:02
2. So You Win Again (Mono) 4:04
3. So You Win Again 4:31
4. West End Of Park Lane 3:28
5. Every 1’s A Winner (12” Version) 7:19
6. Going Through The Motions (12” Version) (2011 Remaster) 5:46
7. Mindless Boogie (Extended Version) 8:54
8. The Girl Is A Fox 3:34
9. Gimme Some Of Your Lovin’3:38
10. I’ve Got You On My Mind 4:58
11. Are You Getting Enough Of What Makes You Happy? (12” Version) 5:20

Cd 2 :

1.  You’ll Never Be So Wrong (12” Version) 4:27
2. Robot Love 4:41
3. A Night To Remember 3:18
4. Bed Games 4:23
5. Got To Get Back To Work 3:08
6. It’s My Birthday 3:17
7. Heartache No.9 (Extended Remix) 5:21
8. Heartache No.9 (Dub Version) 5:00
9. Every 1’s A Winner (Extended Groove Mix) 6:40
10. Every 1’s A Winner (Groove Mix) 3:58
11. Every 1’s A Winner (Groove Mix Bonus Beats) 3:07
12. Every 1’s A Winner (Sexy Remix) 6:27
13. Heaven Is In The Backseat Of My Cadillac (D.D. Convertible Mix) 7:09
14. Heaven Is In The Backseat Of My Cadillac (D.D. Mix) 3:08

Cd 3 :

1. You Sexy Thing (Extended Replay Mix) 7:17
2. You Sexy Thing (Ben Liebrand Remix) 3:46
3. You Sexy Thing (Sexy Bonus Beats) 2:30
4. You Sexy Thing (Sexy Instrumental) 3:59
5. No Doubt About It (Tequila Mix) 6:44
6. No Doubt About It (Little Tequila Mix) 3:52
7. Hot Chocolate Megamix (Emma/So You Win Again/You Sexy Thing/Every 1’s A Winner/You Could’ve Been A Lady/Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac)
8. You Sexy Thing (Winner Mix) 12”
9. You Sexy Thing (The Winner Mix) 7”
10. The Sexy Single Mix (You Sexy Thing/Every 1’s A Winner/So You Win Again/No Doubt About It/You Sexy Thing) 9:29
11. Are You Getting Enough Happiness (12” Promo Version) (2011 Remaster) 5:51

Label : Cherrypop QCRPOPT 216
Barcode :  5013929441682

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  • Hot Chocolate - Remixes and Rarities  3-cd deluxe album