Howard Jones Sings “What Is Love?”, Blue Vinyl Edition

Howard Jones Sings “What Is Love?”, Blue Vinyl Edition

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Release date : 30 Juni 2023.
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Howard Jones Sings “What Is Love?”, Blue Vinyl Edition.

• First ever commercial release of the ‘Howard Jones Sings “What Is Love?”’ album.

• Previously only made available in 1984 as a very limited- edition promotional vinyl LP album in Japan. The outer sleeve is recreated with the original Japanese text with a great on-stage image of Howard and Jed on the front cover.

• Pressed on 140gm blue vinyl.

• With a brand new inner sleeve containing an English translation of the Japanese outer sleeve along with rare/hard to find images of Howard from this time.

• Includes the previously unreleased remastered versions of ‘Hunt The Self (Live At The Marquee)’ with a full spoken introduction and the seven-inch single mix of ‘What Is Love?’.


Track Listing

Side A :

1. What Is Love?
2. New Song
3. Hide And Seek
4. Pearl In The Shell
5. Equality

Side B :

1. What Is Love? (Extended Version)
2. New Song (Extended Version)
3. Hide And Seek (Long Version)
4. Hunt The Self (Recorded Live At The Marquee)

Label :Cherry Red Records PBRED846
Barcode 5013929184633

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  • Howard Jones Sings “What Is Love?”, Blue Vinyl Edition