Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814

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Flyte Tyme Production.  Jam & Lewis.

Rhythm Nation 1814
1 Interlude: Pledge 0:47
2 Rhythm Nation 5:31
3 Interlude: T.V. 0:22
4 State Of The World 4:48
5 Interlude: Race 0:05
6 The Knowledge 3:54
7 Interlude: Let's Dance 0:03
8 Miss You Much 4:12
9 Interlude: Come Back Interlude 0:21
10 Love Will Never Do (Without You) 5:50
11 Livin' In A World (They Didn't Make) 4:41
12 Alright 6:26
13 Interlude: Hey Baby 0:10
14 Escapade 4:44
15 Interlude: No Acid 0:05
16 Black Cat 4:50
17 Lonely 4:59
18 Come Back to Me 5:33
19 Someday Is Tonight 6:00
20 Interlude: Livin'...In Complete Darkness 1:07

Album Credits
Performance Credits 
Janet Jackson  Primary Artist, Keyboards, Vocals, Background Vocals
Herb Alpert  Trumpet, Horn, Brass
Johnny Gill  Percussion, Finger Snapping
Jesse Johnson  Guitar
Julie Ayer  Violin
Stephen Barnett  Conductor
David Barry  Guitar, Electric Guitar, 12-string Guitar
Carolyn Daws  Violin
Hanley Daws  Violin
Rene Elizondo  Vocals, Background Vocals
James Greer  Vocals, Background Vocals
Steve Hodge  Vocals, Background Vocals
Peter Howard  Cello
Jimmy Jam  Percussion, Piano, Drums, Keyboards
Jellybean Johnson  Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Background Vocals
Lisa Keith  Background Vocals
Kathy Kienzle  Harp
Joshua Koestenbaum  Cello
Jamial Lafleur  Vocals, Background Vocals
Terry Lewis  Bass, Percussion, Background Vocals
Tshaye Marks  Vocals, Background Vocals
Tarnika McDaniel  Background Vocals
John McLain  Guitar, Background Vocals
Shante Owens  Vocals, Background Vocals
Amy Powell  Voices
Randy Ran  Vocals, Background Vocals
Nicholas Raths  Guitar, Classical Guitar
Sonya Robinson  Vocals, Background Vocals
Clarice Rupert  Vocals, Background Vocals
Warlesha Ryan  Vocals, Background Vocals
Tamas Strasser  Viola
John Tartaglia  Viola
Reshard Taylor  Vocals, Background Vocals
John McClain  Vocals, Background Vocals
Tamika McDaniel  Vocals
Romuald Tecco  Concert Master
Hyacinthe Tlucek  Concert Master
Steve Barnett  Conductor
Steve Wilson  Vocals, Background Vocals
Chris Brown  Bass
Anthony Thomas  Vocals, Background Vocals

Technical Credits 

Johnny Gill  Special Effects
Janet Jackson  Arranger, Producer
Lee Blaske  Arranger
David Eiland  Programming
Steve Hodge  Engineer
Jimmy Jam  Programming, Producer
Jellybean Johnson  Producer
Terry Lewis  Arranger, Producer
John McClain  Producer
Richard Frankel  Art Direction, Cover Design

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