Jazzinvaders - El3tric

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The Passion to push boundaries and to look for new innivative sounds and grooves within the music of The Jazzinvaders different producers worked on the remixes of this new release.
The Jazzinvaders proudly present their remix album "El3tric"featuring Jazzinvader Phil Martin on some of these remixes, there are heavyweight remixers like The Part Time Heroes and Diesler, Italian MopMop and members of the Dutch Nu Jazz Movement like Battery People, Moto and the young talent CSPR this album 10 groovy remixes of 7 Jazzinvaders originals. With respect for the traditional jazz and a great sense of tomorrows sound, they will win the hearts and minds of a wide audience...

1. Zebra Boogie II (Moto's Safari Disco Mix) 
2.  My Sun (Battery People Remix)
3. Tulip Juice (Mop Mop re-construction) 
4. Make It Work (Part Time Heroes Defikew Mix) 
5. My Sun (Phil Martin Remix) 
6. Tulip Juice (CSPR Remix) 
7. More of That Stuff (Phil Martin Remix) 
8. The Sunchaser (Diesler Remix)
9. Dudu (Phil Martin Remix) 
10. Make It Work ('Swerve Up' Defikew Remix)

Label : Unique Records

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