Jeffrey Osborne - Only Human

Jeffrey Osborne - Only Human

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When Jeffrey Osborne arrived at Arista Records in 1990, he had spent seventeen years at A&M Records first with the group L.T.D. and then as a solo artist with eighteen charted singles including classics such as ‘I Really Don’t Need No Light,’ ‘On The Wings Of Love,’ ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ and ‘You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song).’
After recording "Love Power,” a hit duet with then-Arista recording artist Dionne Warwick, Jeffrey (who had written the song ‘All At Once’ for Whitney Houston’s first Arista album) signed with the label, working directly with company founder Clive Davis on ONLY HUMAN.
Most of the tracks on ONLY HUMAN were produced by Barry Eastmond who had chart success with Freddie Jackson, Billy Ocean and Anita Baker among others. Six of the eleven tracks were co-written by Jeffrey and Barry including the title track (a Top 5 R&B hit) and ‘The Morning After I Made Love To You,’ a Top 30 R&B single.
Dance music mix master Shep Pettibone produced the now-classic groove track ‘If My Brother’s In Trouble,’ a Top 20 R&B hit in the US and club favourite in the UK. Other standouts on ONLY HUMAN include Jeffrey’s cover of the Roberta Flack standard, ‘Feel Like Making Love’ which he co-produced with the late Robert Brookins.
This expanded edition of ONLY HUMAN features five bonus cuts including the non-album ‘B’ side, ‘Never.’
Notes by renowned US writer Rico Washington include quotes from producer Barry Eastmond.

Tracklist :

1. If My Brother's In Trouble 4:33
2. Only Human 4:53
3. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait 5:06
4. The Morning After I Made Love To You 4:27
5. Lay Your Head 5:00
6. Baby Wait A Minute 4:14
7. Sending You A Love Song 4:49
8. Feel Like Making Love 4:36
9. Back In Your Arms 4:13
10. Nitetime 4:42
11. Getting Better All the Time 4:44

Bonustracks :

12. If My Brother's In Trouble (Arista Uk Extended Hip Hop Mix) 5:09
13. If My Brother's In Trouble (Arista Us Dub Mix #1) 5:39
14. If My Brother's In Trouble (Arista Uk Club Mix) 7:24
15. Only Human (Arista Us 7' Single) 4:33
16. Never (Arista Us 7' Non-Album B-Side) 4:39

Label: SoulMusicRecords
Ean :5013929076136

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