Joe Bataan - Salsoul  BBR 254

Joe Bataan - Salsoul BBR 254

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• Joe Bataan was born and grew up in Spanish Harlem, New York, in the 103rd St and Lexington Avenue area of the city. It is argued that no recording artist has more genuine street cred than Joe Bataan, the originator of the New York Latin Soul style that paralleled Latin Boogaloo and anticipated disco, he decided to focus his considerable talents full time on his music in 1965 after being released from a short jail sentence as a youth. His musical experience had begun with street corner doo wop in the 1950s, and progressed through the years to include one of the first rap records to hit the charts, 1979's "Rap-O, Clap-O." In between these milestones, he recorded classic albums like Riot! And Saint Latin's Day Massacre on the Fania label, and Afrofilipino, which included one of the first New York disco hits, an instrumental version of Gil Scott-Heron's "The Bottle."

• SALSOUL, which gave the record label its name, (Bataan co-founded the label with the Cayre brothers but soon relinquished his stake) and helped ignite the explosion of urban dance music was released on the Mericana label in 1973 to wide critical acclaim. SALSOUL is still as influential as ever and a cult rare groove album, as it was a prophetic statement at the time of its release. This album exemplifies Bataan’s visionary and culturally aware musical concept of Latin Soul fused with orchestral funk.

• SALSOUL is drenched with infectious rhythms, passionate soul and Bataan’s gritty lyrics. Opener “Mi Nube” (My Cloud) sets the tone with propulsive rhythms, driving horns and great vocal phrasing and delivery. “Muchachu Ordinario” (Ordinary Guy) is a super smooth soulful strut which Bataan identified with strongly as he proclaimed himself to be just that, an ordinary guy from the streets. “Fin,” “Latin Strut” and “Aftershower Funk” are all uplifting instrumental workouts giving focus to deftly played chopping and/or wah-wah guitar and soaring flutes and horns amongst the rich assortment of Afro/Latin percussive grooves.

• This newly remastered, expanded edition is an essential listen for all true music fans and comes packaged complete with extensive liner notes and added bonus content making this BBR re-master of SALSOUL a must have for all R&B, Funk, Soul, Latin, Afro/Cuban, Disco, and  Salsoul fans out there!

Tracklist :

  1 MI Nube 2:48
  2 Muchachu Ordinario 4:12
  3 Sunny Gets Blue Mambo 3:48
  4 Mujer Mia 4:35
  5 Fin 2:56
  6 Latin Strut 4:06
  7 Johnny  4:41
  8 Peace, Friendship, Solidarity 4:08
  9 Aftershower Funk  5:15

Bonustracks :

  10 Continental Queare Dance 5:48
  11 Latin Strut (Mono Single Version) 3:16
  12 Peace, Friendship, Solidarity (Mono Single Version) 4:08
  13 Aftershower Funk (Mono Single Version) 3:40
  14 Fin (Mono Single Version) 2:54

Label : Big Break Records
Ean : 5013929055438

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  • Joe Bataan - Salsoul  BBR 254