Karen Young ‎– Deetour (Moplen Remixes) 12″

Karen Young ‎– Deetour (Moplen Remixes) 12″

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Karen Young ‎– Deetour (Moplen Remixes) 12″.

When Italian Luca “Moplen” Locatelli  asked High Fashion to feast his creativity on this one, they were rather sceptical. In fact, they preferred not. But how quick things can change! Moplen brought this nevertheless classic performance of Karen Young back to it’s basis, took as a tradition all tracks and stems apart, and reconstructed it into what it should have been back in 1982. With a flavour of 2020. Bringing the record to its original speed and key, based on the cosmic feel that comes with the lyrics of the song. And the way Karen performs it.

On the B-side Moplen goes wild and makes no compromize where he brings us almost in a cosmic state of trance. But this is NO trance record. This is boogie.  This is how Deetour should have basically been in 1982. But this is how Moplen and Karen Young sound in 2020!

A    Deetour (Moplen Paradise Boogie) 7:12 
B    Deetour (Moplen Cosmic Trip) 8:02

Label : High Fashion Music - MS 497
Barcode :8718026048976

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  • Karen Young ‎– Deetour (Moplen Remixes) 12″