Kim Wilde: Pop Don´t Stop – Greatest Hits, 5CD/2DVD Deluxe Expanded Box Set

Kim Wilde: Pop Don´t Stop – Greatest Hits, 5CD/2DVD Deluxe Expanded Box Set

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Kim Wilde: Pop Don´t Stop – Greatest Hits, 5CD/2DVD Deluxe Expanded Box Set.

Kim wilde needs no introduction, having registered a staggering 30 hits on the uk charts since 1981, and selling over 30 million records globally.
Now, for the first time, her stellar career is celebrated with the release of a truly comprehensive kim wilde hits collection, and a special collector’s 5 cd/2 dvd box set.
The 2 cd edition features the radio edits of many of kim’s classic hits, including ‘kids in america’, ‘you came’, ‘you keep me hangin’ on’, ‘love is holy’ and ‘kandy krush’, as well as two brand new tracks – ‘shine on’, featuring boy george and ‘you’re my karma’ with tom aspaul.
The box set includes additional singles, as well as b-sides and an eclectic selection of remixes, several of which are making their cd debut. The box also features a deluxe booklet with lyrics and a dvd collection of nearly 50 tracks!

The 2 cd edition includes:

• 24 uk hits including 7 top 10 hits
• the us #1 ‘you keep me hangin’ on’
• radio edits of applicable singles
• new single ‘shine on’, a duet with boy george

The box set additionally features:

• an additional singles disc packed with many more international hits
• a special b-sides collection, including 4 songs making their debut on cd
• a disc of remixes, including several new-to-cd and rare versions
• deluxe booklet, including a kim q&a and lyric section, as well as many rare photos
• the first ever kim wilde dvd collection, featuring remastered videos of all the hits (ntsc)
• dvd also includes bonus 2021 interview and look-back-at-the-videos with kim – 40 minutes of extras!

Track listing: 
The Hits 1

1.    The Second Time (7” Version)
2.    Never Trust A Stranger  (7” Version)
3.    Million Miles Away (7” Version)
4.    Another Step (Closer To You) (With Junior) (7” Version)
5.    Heart Over Mind (7” Version)
6.    Four Letter Word
7.    Say You Really Want Me (7” Remix)
8.    Hey Mister Heartache (7” Version)
9.    Rage To Love (7” Remix)
10.    Who Do You Think You Are?
11.    Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love) (7” Version)
12.    Breakin’ Away
13.    Time
14.    Love Is Holy
15.    If I Can’t Have You
16.    This I Swear (Radio Edit)
17.    I Can’t Say Goodbye (7” Version)
18.    Love In The Natural Way
19.    You Came (7” Version)
20.    You Keep Me Hangin’ On

The Hits 2

1.    Kids In America
2.    Kandy Krush (Radio Edit)
3.    Perfect Girl (Radio Edit)
4.    Water On Glass (7” Version)
5.    A Little Respect
6.    View From A Bridge
7.    Love Blonde (7” Version)
8.    Together We Belong (Radio Edit)
9.    Lights Down Low
10.    Cambodia
11.    Loved
12.    Pop Don’t Stop (Radio Edit)
13.    Get Out
14.    It’s Alright (Radio Edit)
15.    Birthday (Radio Edit)
16.    Real Life
17.    Chequered Love
18.    Amoureux Des Reves (With Laurent Voulzy)
19.    Shine On (With Boy George)
20.    Numinous
21.    You’re My Karma  (With Tom Aspaul)

The Hits 3

1.    Bitter Is Better
2.    Child Come Away
3.    Dancing In The Dark
4.    House Of Salome
5.    The Touch (7” Version)
6.    Schoolgirl
7.    It’s Here
8.    World In Perfect Harmony
9.    In My Life (West End 7” Version)
10.    Heaven (Matt Darey 7” Version)
11.    Shame (Jupiter’s Radio Mix)
12.    Born To Be Wild (Radio Mix)
13.    Baby Obey Me 
14.    Sleeping Satellite (Radio Edit)
15.    Spirit In The Sky
16.    F. U. Kristmas (Kim Wilde Vs. Lawnmower Deth)

The B-Sides

1.    Shane
2.    Boys
3.    Watching For Shapes
4.    Just Another Guy
5.    Back Seat Driver
6.    Lovers On A Beach
7.    Putty In Your Hands
8.    Loving You
9.    Hold Back
10.    Tell Me Where You Are
11.    Wotcha Gonna Do
12.    Virtual World
13.    Birthday Song
14.    I’ve Found A Reason
15.    Never Felt So Alive
16.    Staying With My Baby
17.    Snakes & Ladders
18.    Carry Me Home
19.    Party On The Brink

The Remixes

1.    Pop Don’t Stop (The 12 Inch Remix)
2.    Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love)  (Club Mix)
3.    Million Miles Away (Club Mix)
4.    Cambodia (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
5.    It’s Alright (Groove Coverage Remix)
6.    You Keep Me Hangin’ On (W.C.H. Club Mix)
7.    Kandy Krush (Ricky W 12 Inch Remix)
8.    Breakin’ Away (T’empo Vocal)
9.    You Came (Tron Remix)
10.    Perfect Girl (Ian Finch Elektrika Mix)
11.    Birthday (Wilde Party Mix)
12.    Kids In America ’94 (X Cut Cut)

The Videos I

1.    Kids In America
2.    Chequered Love
3.    Water On Glass (Top Of The Pops Appearance)
4.    Cambodia
5.    View From A Bridge
6.    Child Come Away
7.    Love Blonde
8.    Dancing In The Dark
9.    The Second Time
10.    The Touch
11.    Rage To Love
12.    Schoolgirl
13.    You Keep Me Hangin’ On
14.    Another Step (Closer To You) (With Junior)
15.    Say You Really Want Me  (Short Version)
16.    Hey Mister Heartache
17.    You Came
18.    Never Trust A Stranger

The Videos Ii  *

1.    Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love)
2.    Love Is Holy
3.    Heart Over Mind
4.    Who Do You Think You Are
5.    Million Miles Away
6.    If I Can’t Have You
7.    In My Life
8.    Kids In America (’94)
9.    Breakin’ Away
10.    This I Swear
11.    Shame
12.    Born To Be Wild
13.    You Came (2006)
14.    Perfect Girl
15.    Lights Down Low
16.    It’s Alright
17.    Sleeping Satellite
18.    Pop Don’t Stop
19.    Kandy Krush
20.    Birthday
21.    Say You Really Want Me (The Video Remix)
22.    You Came (2006 In Bed With Kim Wilde Version)
23.    Birthday (Wilde Party Mix)
24.    Numinous
25.    Shine On (With Boy George)
26.    2021 Interview
27.    Kim Looks Back At The Videos

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