Kraftwerk – King Biscuit Radio 1975

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Kraftwerk – King Biscuit Radio 1975.

Kraftwerk developed a “robot pop” style that combined electronic music with pop melodies, sparsearrangements, and repetitive rhythms. The band’s work has influenced a diverse range of artists and many
genres of modern music. The year 1975 saw a turning point in Kraftwerk’s live shows, which this record shows, and they are still touring 35 years later. In 2018 they won a Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album with their live album ‘3-D The Catalogue’.

A1        Autobahn    18:27

B1        Kometenmelodie    10:09
B2        Morgenspaziergang (Part 1) - Kling Klang    9:20
B3        Morgenspaziergang (Part 2) - Tanzmusik    4:12

Kraftwerk live at King Biscuit Flour Hour, 1975
180 grams edition

Label : Cult Legends – CL83087
Barcode : 8717662583087

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