Labelle - The Anthology

Labelle - The Anthology

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Labelle - The Anthology.

• SoulMusic Records is very proud to present a first-of-its kind anthology that includes key tracks from the pioneering group Labelle recorded between 1973-1976 for RCA and Epic; and solo recordings by Sarah Dash (1978-1981, for Kirshner); Nona Hendryx (1979 for Arista and 1983-1986 for RCA); and Patti LaBelle (1977-1980 for Epic Records).  Among the 36 tracks are three tracks by Nona only released in Europe, single edits of charted hits by the group, Nona and Patti and key album cuts by Sarah, Patti and the trio.

• Formed in the early 60s in Philadelphia as Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles (with a line-up that included Cindy Birdsong), original members Patti LaBelle, Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash morphed into Labelle, described in the notes for this tour-de-force 2-CD by renowned US author Rashod Ollison as ‘intergalactic divas’ with the guidance of British music industry maven Vicki Wickham.  

• Known for their powerhouse performances and futuristic outfits, Labelle enjoyed an international breakthrough in 1975 with “Lady Marmalade” from one of the three albums recorded for Epic Records; the ten cuts by the trio featured here include ‘Something In The Air/The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ (from the one-off RCA 1973 LP, “Pressure Cookin’”) and three key album cuts (‘Are You Lonely?,’ ‘You Turn Me On’ and ‘Who’s Watching The Watcher’.

• Following Labelle’s 1976 breakup, Patti began recording for Epic Records and in addition to US charted singles, compiler David Nathan of SoulMusic Records has included two soulful LP cuts drawn from her four solo LPs for the label.  Sarah started recording for Kirshner Records in 1978 and included are her big club hit, ‘Sinner Man’ and selections from her three LPs for the label.  Nona’s ten cuts featured on the anthology include three tracks recorded for Arista Records in 1979 that are gaining their first release outside Europe; and her seven US charted singles from the three LPs she recorded for RCA in the early to mid-80s.

• In addition to notes by Ollison with 2017 quotes from Sarah and Nona, an additional essay by David Nathan on the solo recordings also includes comments from both. 

You Turn Me On - LaBelle

1-1 LaBelle     Something In The Air / The Revolution Will Not Be Televised     5:55
1-2 LaBelle     Lady Marmalade (Single Edit)     3:12
1-3 LaBelle     Are You Lonely?     3:11
1-4 LaBelle     What Can I Do For You? (Single Edit)     3:08
1-5 LaBelle     Nightbird     3:07
1-6 LaBelle     You Turn Me On     4:37
1-7 LaBelle     Messin' With My Mind (Single Edit)     3:02
1-8 LaBelle     Get You Somebody New     6:08
1-9  LaBelle     Who's Watching The Watcher     4:13
1-10 LaBelle     Isn't It A Shame     7:56
    Sarah Dash

1-11 Sarah Dash     I Can't Believe (Someone Like You Could Really Love Me)     4:16
1-12 Sarah Dash     (Come And Take This) Candy From Your Baby     3:22
1-13 Sarah Dash     Sinner Man     6:29
1-14 Sarah Dash     Oo-La-La, Too Soon     3:05
1-15 Sarah Dash     Leaving Again     3:35
    Nona Hendryx

1-16 Nona Hendryx     You're The Only One That I Ever Needed     2:58
1-17 Nona Hendryx     King Of Hearts     3:45
1-18 Nona Hendryx     Casanova     4:00
    Love And Learn - Nona Hendryx

2-1 Nona Hendryx     B-Boys (Single Edit)     4:03
2-2 Nona Hendryx     Keep It Confidential (Single Edit)     3:14
2-3 Nona Hendryx     Transformation (Single Edit)     3:58
2-4 Nona Hendryx     I Sweat (Going Through The Motions) (Single Edit)     3:51
2-5 Nona Hendryx     To The Bone     5:15
2-6 Nona Hendryx     I Need Love (Remix)     7:56
2-7 Nona Hendryx     If Looks Could Kill (D.O.A.)     4:21
    Patti LaBelle

2-8 Patti LaBelle     Joy To Have Your Love (Single Edit)     3:14
2-9 Patti LaBelle     Dan Swit Me (Single Edit)     3:58
2-10 Patti LaBelle     Teach Me Tonight (Me Gusta Tu Baile) (Single Edit)     3:26
2-11 Patti LaBelle     Music Is My Way Of Life (Single Edit)     3:16
2-12 Patti LaBelle     Release (The Tension)     3:58
2-13 Patti LaBelle     It's Alright With Me (Single Edit)     3:49
2-14 Patti LaBelle     Little Girls (Single Edit)     3:58
2-15 Patti LaBelle     My Best Was Good Enough     2:47
2-16 Patti LaBelle     I Don't Go Shopping     3:53
2-17 Patti LaBelle     You Are My Friend     4:36
2-18 Patti LaBelle     Love And Learn     5:37

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