Loose Ends  -  So Where Are You?

Loose Ends - So Where Are You?

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Considered the premier U.K. soul band of the 80s and on to the 90s, Loose Ends was formed in 1981 with an original line-up of Carl McIntosh, Steve Nicholls and Jane Eugene.

The original 1985 UK album of SO WHERE ARE YOU? reached No. 13 on the pop charts with the club classic Hanging On A String (Contemplating) also reaching No. 13 on the singles chart, also topping the US R&B chart as a key cut on the US version of the group’s debut LP, A LITTLE SPICE (reissued on SMCR 5034 by SoulMusic.com Records in November 2011). Two further singles, Magic Touch and a cover of David Bowie s Golden Years were also UK chart makers. Tracks from SO WHERE ARE YOU? were used for the group’s third US release Zagora.

Like its processor, SO WHERE ARE YOU? was produced by Philadelphia-based Nick Martinelli and includes key cuts such as the classic track You Can't Stop The Rain were written by the trio.

1. Magic Touch 4:34
2. A New Horizon 5:04
3. If My Lovin' Makes You Hot 5:06
4. So Where Are You? 4:39
5. Golden Years 3:41
6. Hangin' On a String (Contemplating) 6:02
7. Give It All You Got 3:55
8. The Sweetest Pain 5:57
9. You Can't Stop the Rain 4:27
10. Silent Talking 5:03

Bonus Tracks :

11. Hangin' On a String (the Twilight Firm All Night Mix/Remix) 5:49
12. Hangin' On a String (Frankie Knuckles Club Mix/Remix) 6:27
13. You Can't Stop the Rain (Timmy Regisford Remix) 5:50
14. Golden Years (UK 12" Single/Version) 5:30
15. Magic Touch (Vibes Version) 6:30

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