Norman Connors - Valentine Live  2-cd  The Buddah / Arista Anthology

Norman Connors - Valentine Live 2-cd The Buddah / Arista Anthology

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Norman Connors - Valentine Live  2-cd  The Buddah / Arista Anthology.

• SoulMusic Records is very proud to present “Valentine Love – The Buddah/Arista Anthology,” a musically sumptuous 2-CD set by renowned musician and producer, the multi-talented Norman Connors.  Covering almost a decade (1972-1981), the 34 tracks include all of Norman’s ten US charted singles; a rare 12” mix of the 1977 cut, ‘Captain Connors’; two tracks from the album, “Norman Connors Presents Aquarian Dream” (including one, ‘Once Again,’ featuring Gloria Jones); key album cuts, ‘Dindi’ and ‘Maiden Voyage’ and a musical feast of tracks featuring a number of artists who first gained prominence through their recordings with Norman such as Jean Carn, Michael Henderson, Phyllis Hyman, Prince Phillip Mitchell, Eleanore Mills, Al Johnson, Adaritha, Glenn Jones and Beau Williams. 
• Before he became known as a premier music man with ‘golden ears’ (for his discovery of so many great vocalists), the Philadelphia drummer served his musical apprenticeship with John Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders before embarking on his own recording career in 1972.  By 1975, Connors had achieved his first chart breakthrough thanks to the soulful pairing of Carn and Henderson on the now-classic ‘Valentine Love.’  

• During the ensuing years, Connors gave a then-unknown Phyllis Hyman her first taste of international success with her recording of ‘Betcha By Golly Wow’ as well as giving R&B vocalist Glenn Jones his initial hit in 1980 with ‘Melancholy Fire.’ Other standouts on this superb 2-CD set include Connors’ favourites such as ‘You Are My Starship’ (Michael Henderson’s first solo hit), ‘Once I’ve Been There,’ ‘This Is Your Life,’ ‘Wouldn’t You Like To See’ and ‘I Don’t Need Nobody Else.’

• Extensive liner notes by renowned UK writer Charles Waring including 2017 numerous quotes from Norman himself, longtime band members Jacques Burvick and Kenneth Nash and others; and excellent mastering by Donald Cleveland.

- Disc 1 -
1 Slew Foot 
2 Valentine Love (Featuring Michael Henderson & Jean Carn) 
3 Saturday Night Special 
4 Dindi (Featuring Jean Carn) 
5 Maiden Voyage 
6 We Both Need Each Other (Featuring Phyllis Hyman and Michael Henderson) 
7 So Much Love 
8 You Are My Starship (Featuring Michael Henderson) 
9 Betcha By Golly Wow (Featuring Phyllis Hyman) 
10 Kwasi 
11 Aquarian Dream: Phoenix 
12 Aquarian Dream: Once Again (Featuring Gloria Jones) 
13 Once I´Ve Been There (Featuring Prince Phillip Mitchell) 
14 Romantic Journey 
15 For You Everything (Featuring Prince Philip Mitchell and Eleanore Mills) 
16 Give the Drummer Some 

- Disc 2 -

1 Captain Connors (12" Version) - Norman Connors & the Starship Orchestra 
2 Say You Love Me - Norman Connors & the Starship Orchestra 
3 This Is Your Life (Featuring Eleanore Mills) 
4 Stella 
5 Wouldn't You Like to See (Featuring Eleanor Mills) - Norman Connors & the Starship Orchestra 
6 Listen (Featuring James Robinson) - Norman Connors & the Starship Orchestra 
7 Your Love (Featuring Al Johnson) 
8 Disco Land 
9 Handle Me Gently (Featuring Miss Adaritha) 
10 Invitation (Featuring Miss Adaritha) 
11 Be There in the Morning (Featuring Miss Adaritha) 
12 Take It to the Limit (Featuring Adaritha) 
13 You Bring Me Joy (Featuring Adaritha) 
14 I Don't Need Nobody Else (Featuring Al Johnson) 
15 Melancholy Fire (Featuring Glenn Jones) 
16 You've Been on My Mind (Featuring Adaritha) 
17 She's Gone (Featuring Beau Williams) 
18 Mr. C 

Label : Soul Music Records 
Catnr. SMCR 5152D

Barcode : 5013929085237

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  • Norman Connors - Valentine Live  2-cd  The Buddah / Arista Anthology