Original7ven - Consdensate

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Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Garry "Jellybean" Johnson, Jerome Benton and Monte Moir revitalize the sound of Minneapolis Funk! In their first new album together in 21 years, Condensate features 14 brand new but instantly familiar Minneapolis funk songs by the band formerly known as The Time. From their origins in the 80s as Prince's first pet project led by the cocky protégé Day, this playful, brash group delivered groundbreaking funk-rock dance grooves.

Now, for the first time since the 90s, the original members of The Time have reunited as The Original 7ven to deliver an inventive and unapologetically funky album! Condensate has all the old magic and swagger of earlier years and asserts funk-tastic confidence perfectly suited for today's audience. Endlessly entertaining, this new collection of 14 grooves puts the "fun" back in funk!

The album name Condensate is taken from Morris Day's tongue-in-cheek comment, "I don't sweat, I condensate."

1. O7ven intro 
2. Strawberry Lake 
3. O7ven Press Conference 
4. Condensate 
5. #Trendin 
6. If I Was Yo Man 
7. Role Play 
8. Sick 
9. Lifestyle 
10. Faithful 
11. Cadillac 
13. One Step 
14. Toast To The Party Girl 
15. Hey Yo 
16. GoHomeToYoMan