Positive Change ‎– Positive Change

Positive Change ‎– Positive Change

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Positive Change ‎– Positive Change.

From Washington DC, Positive Change were first known as The Motions when they formed in 1963. They later decided to change their name when they discovered it was also being used by a girl group.

After building a local reputation for their armony vocals, they took their chances alongside other hopefuls at the now legendary talent shows at ‘The Apollo’ in Harlem, New York.
During these early times they won seven weeks
straight, and continued to perform at The Apollo up to the time of the ’68 riots,after which they didn’t go back.

Back in Washington, having picked up an award from the Mayor for outstanding musical achievements, they met up with Al Johnson who had also been impressed by their harmonies. Together, they recorded this one album which was financed
by a local business man who released it on his own label, Fortress Records.
The year was 1978, the same year and vintage as Al Johnson’s own ‘Peaceful’album (two years ahead of ‘I’m Back For More’).

Due to some complications behind the scenes there were no singles and the album virtually disappeared without trace. Copies were destroyed and the few remaining began to exchange hands for upwards of £350. It has been one of the most
sought after albums, particularly among the French and Japanese in recent years.

The group never made any more records and split up. Only the group’s founder,mentor and manager Ron Yarborough remains in the business, Yar Yar Records being his own independent label specialising in inspirational r&b.

1 You Make It So Easy     4:08
2 Just Give Me A Party Of You     3:11
3 Where Is She Today ?     4:01
4 This Is Where I'll Be (Till Xou Return)     3:34
5 Can't Get Away     3:14
6 Girl You Must Believe (It's You I Love)     3:20
7 (Just Once In Your Life) Be Fair With Me     2:55
8 Love Of A Lifetime     3:30
9 Can't Believe You'd Break A Promise     3:20
10 Feel Like I'm Living With A Stranger     4:04

Label : Expansion ‎– EXCDM 7
Ean : 5019421400721

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  • Positive Change ‎– Positive Change