Silver Convention - Save Me  BBR 0266

Silver Convention - Save Me BBR 0266

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Silver Convestion - Save Me.

• SILVER CONVENTION started life in Munich in 1974 as Silver Bird Convention when German songwriting and producing partners Michael Kunzte and Sylvester Levay released the single “Save Me” on Jupiter Records, enlisting three session singers to take care of the minimal vocal refrain on the track. With the “Bird” soon dropped from the acts name “Save Me” became an international Disco hit charting at #30 in the U.K. and across the board in the U.S. at #10 Disco and #103 Pop, heralding the start of continued success throughout the 70's.

• With a settled line up of Ramona Wolf, Penny McLean and Linda G. Thompson as Silver Convention the group released this, their eponymously titled debut LP (titled “Save Me” outside of Germany) to great acclaim as the Euro-Disco sound made waves across the world with Giorgio Morodor, also based in Munich, surfing the highest.

• “Save Me” opens the album with its propulsive rhythms, sweeping horns and strings, yearning vocals and soulful sax solos. Follow up single ‘Fly, Robin, Fly,’ a minimal mid-tempo dancer with a very satisfying piano motif and intricate strings, gained heavy rotation on U.S. radio as well as in the clubs, eclipsing the success of “Save Me” by hitting the top spot across the Billboard R&B, Disco and Pop charts and again charting top 30 in the U.K., as well as taking home the Grammy for best  R&B Instrumental Performance. Other stand out tracks are the single ‘Always Another Girl’ , ‘Tiger Baby’ UK #41 and ‘I Like It’ which show off the lush, string-laden Euro sound with Levay's arrangements tipping the hat to the likes of Gamble & Huff and Barry White.

• Reaching #1 and #10 on the U.S. R&B and Pop album charts respectively SILVER CONVENTION (Save Me) has become a very influential album and is rightly regarded as a dance classic in many circles.

• BBR are proud to present this newly remastered and repackaged expanded edition.

• Complete with extensive liner notes and the extended 12” versions of ‘Fly, Robin, Fly’ and ‘Tiger Baby’, SILVER CONVENTION is essential listening for all R&B, Soul, Pop, Disco and Dance fans out there!          

Tracklist :

Save Me     
I Like It     
Fly, Robin, Fly     
Tiger Baby     
Son Of A Gun     
Always Another Girl     
Chains Of Love     
Heart Of Stone     
Please Don't Change The Chords Of This Song

Bonustracks :

Fly Robin, Fly (12"Version)
Tiger Baby (12"Version)

Label : Big Break Records
CatNr : CDBBR 0266
Ean : 5013929056633

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  • Silver Convention - Save Me  BBR 0266