Sisqo - Return of Dragon

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Track listing

1. Intro
2. Not Afraid
3. Infatuated
4. Can I Live - (featuring The Dragon Family)
5. Without You - (featuring Dru Hill)
6. Homewrecker
7. Last Night
8. Close Your Eyes (Interlude)
9. Close Your Eyes
10. Dance For Me
11. Off the Corner - (featuring Associates)
12. Dream - (featuring Chinky)

This is an Enhanced CD which contains regular audio tracks, multimedia computer files and a link to the artist's website with an internet browser.
Personnel includes: Sisqo, Lovher, The Associates, Dru Hill, J. Moss, Tera Thomas, The Dragon Family (vocals); Cooli Hi (rap vocals); Al West, Bill Moss Jr. (various instruments); Derek Scott, Van Bradshaw (guitar); C. "Tricky" Stewart (keyboards); Traci Hale (background vocals).
Producers include: Jarod B, Boy Genius, Al West, J.P. Edmund, Teddy Riley.
Engineers include: J.P. Edmund, Jan Fairchild, Todd Fairall.
This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.
If you were living and breathing in America around the turn of the millennium, it's unlikely you were able to escape the all-encompassing reach of Sisqo's runaway smash "Thong Song." In the wake of such a huge hit, it's almost impossible to imagine RETURN OF THE DRAGON being able to duplicate the success of its predecessor, but you can't blame the guy for trying. As before, Sisqo utilizes a hip-hop informed approach to R&B that's at once accessible enough to make its way smoothly onto the radio and urban enough to play well in jeeps across the country. Percolating synth riffs, chattering drum loops, and smooth background vocals (supplied on one song by none other than Dru Hill) frame the melismatic wail of Sisqo, whose obvious enthusiasm and seemingly inexhaustible energy lie at the core of his appeal. In short, if you bounced your booty to "Thong Song," it's hard to imagine that you'd be disappointed by the not-dissimilar RETURN OF THE DRAGON