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Spinners - Spinners.

After achieving minor success on Motown Records and VIP in the 1960s R&B landscape and in the early 1970s,
The Spinners effectively rebooted themselves when transferring to Atlantic Records in 1972. They would go on to record the first of many records at Sigma Sound Studios, a base where the emergence of ‘Philly Soul’ is consistently linked to. Producer, Thom Bell would redefine the band in their debut record for Atlantic, 1973’s SPINNERS. The album shapes a solid identity for the band.

‘How Could I Let You Get Away’ (US #77/SOUL #14) was their most romantic single to date with a wistful string
production and harmonies that suggest resigned melancholia. It would be its b-side however, ‘I’ll Be Around’ (US #3/SOUL #1) that would elevate the band’s
profile on the charts. Almost playing like a response to the A-side, the resigned melancholia remains but
there’s more dignity suggested in the heightened rhythm section and soulful harmonies.

‘Could It Be I’m Falling In Love’ (US #4/SOUL #1/UK#11) continues this newfound optimism as well as the band’s
staggering commercial success whilst ‘One of a Kind (Love Affair)’ (US #11/SOUL #1) returns to the thematic concerns of ‘How Could I Let You Get Away’. Retaining
Philly Sound pioneers MFSB for its instrumentation, the track maintains the feel-good outlook that was fundamental to Philly Soul.

Final single ‘Ghetto Child’ (US #29/SOUL #4/UK #7) breaks from the romantic theme of the previous singles,returning to the social consciousness that the band
embraced in their tenure at Motown Records. Here, the concerns of racial inequality in contemporary America
are urgent but retrofitted into the smooth album that made their critical and commercial success soar.

Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind 3:43
Just You And Me Baby     2:01
Don't Let The Green Gra3s Fool You  4:03
I Could Never (Repay Your Love) 6:58
I'll Be Around     3:12
One Of A Kind (Love Affair) 3:33
We Belong Together 4:15
Ghetto Child  3:49
How Could I Let You Get Away 3:47
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love 4:16

Bonustracks :

(Oh Lord) I Wish I Could Sleep 3:06
I Just Gotta Make It Happen 3:34
Mr. Big Man 4:06
You Sure Are Nasty 3:33
I'll Be Around (Mike Maurro mix) 7:06
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (A Tom Moulton Mix) 6:40
One Of A Kind (Love Affair) (A Tom Moulton Mix) 5:51
I'll Be Around  (Single version) 3:12

Label: Big Break Records
Barcode : 5013929062139

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