Splodgnessabounds - The Albums, 5CD Clamshell Boxset

Splodgnessabounds - The Albums, 5CD Clamshell Boxset

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Splodgnessabounds: The Albums, 5CD Clamshell Boxset .

Punk legends Splodgenessabounds have released.

Disc 1 is their self-titled debut album that includes the UK National Chart hit singles ‘Two Pints Of Lager’ (No.7), ‘Two Little Boys’ (No.26) and ‘Cowpunk Medlum’ (No.62).

The second disc is 1982’s “In Search Of The Seven Golden Gussetts” album that includes the ‘Mouth And Trousers’ 45 as well as the “Delilah” EP recorded as The Brothers Gonad.

Disc 3 features the rare “Nightmare On Rude Street” album and it is now joined by 1988’s In Concert “Live And Loud!!” LP.

The fourth disc features 2000’s “I Don’t Know” album. Produced by Sex Pistols soundman Dave Goodman it features guest appearances on guitars by ex-Cock Sparrer Garrie Lammin and ex-UK Subs / Quireboys Daryl Bath.

The final disc contains 2001’s “The Artful Splodger” which features guest slots by Motorhead’s Wurzel and Micky Fitz from The Business.


The Malcolm Opera    

1-01    'Course You Can Malcolm    
1-01    Malcolm's Mum    
1-01    Blocked Up Noses Aren't Much Fun    
1-02    Whimsy Zoom Zoom    
1-03    It's That Sound    
1-04    I Fell In Love With A Female Plumber From Harlesden NW10    
1-05    Anarchy Chaos Stanley Ogden    
1-06    Blown Away Like A Fart In A Thunderstorm    
1-07    Poison Babies vs Batman (featuring The Pints)    
1-08    Two Little Boys    
1-09    Rolf    
1-10    I've Got Lots Of Famous People Living Under The Floorboards Of My Humble Abode    
1-11    Porky Scratchings    
1-12    Simon Templer    
1-13    Desert Island Joe (featuring Des O'Island)    
1-14    What's That Funny Noise?    
1-15    Wiffy Smells    
1-16    Two Pints (Dub)    

Bonus Tracks

1-17    Michael Booth's Talking Bum    
1-18    Two Pints Of A Lager    
1-19    We're Pathetique    
1-20    Isubaleene (Part 2)    
1-21    Horse    
1-22    Sox    
1-23    Butterfly    
1-24    Bicycle Seat    
1-25    Bicycle Seat (Dub)    

Cowpunk Medlum
1-26    High Noon    
1-26    Ghost Riders In The Sky    
1-26    Bonanza    
1-27    Brown Paper    
1-28    Have You Got A Light Boy?    
1-29    Morning Milky    
1-30    Yarmouth 5-0    
1-31    Brown Paper (Dub)    


2-01    Pooh 'Oo's Trumped    
2-02    In Search Of The Seven Golden Gussetts    
2-03    'Old Ya Cherries    
2-04    Tough Shit Wilson    
2-05    My Baked Bean    
2-06    Crabs    
2-07    Overdramatic Songs (In Very Low Voices)    
2-08    Freefall From Paradise    
2-09    Graffiti    
2-10    Renfrew    
2-11    A Very Unfunny Comedian?    
2-12    What's Thru' This doorrrrrr...    
2-13    Pathetique    
2-14    Pilchard Freak    
2-15    Mouth And Trousers    
2-16    We Luv We    
2-17    Give It Some Bollox    
2-18    No No Yeah    
2-19    Les Splodge Singers (The Better)    
2-20    'Ole In The Wall    
2-21    Slooshalongamax    
2-22    Cigarette    
2-23    Seven Golden Gussetts (Reprise)    

Bonus Tracks - Max 'N' Gal (The Brothers Gonad)

2-24    Delilah    
2-25    Lager Top    
2-26    Sandra    
2-27    My Grandma (Hurly Burly) (Iko Iko)    
2-28    The 12 Days Of Christmas    

The Demos

2-29    Two Little Boys    
2-30    Two Pints Of Lager    
2-31    Delirious    


3-01    Touch Of The Rods (A Day In The Life Of A Quireboy)    
3-02    Answers On A Postcard    
3-03    Double Entendres (Song For Finbarr)    
3-04    Lemmy's Mole (Wart?)    
3-05    Lager In The House    
3-06    Go The Whole Hog    
3-07    Dangerous    
3-08    Not Many People Know That    
3-09    Haemorrhoids    
3-10    Rude Boy    
3-11    They're Coming To Take Me Away    

Bonus Tracks - Live And Loud!!

3-12    Intro    
3-13    'Old Ya Cherries    
3-14    Crabs    
3-15    I Fell In Love With A Female Plumber From Harlesden NW10    
3-16    Tough Shit Wilson    
3-17    Two Little Boys    
3-18    Pathetique    
3-19    Bohemian Walkway    
3-20    Morning Milky    
3-21    Michael Booth's Talking Bum    
3-22    The Butterfly Song    
3-23    What's That Funny Noise    
3-24    Two Pints Of Lager    
3-25    Big Boy Shorts    
3-26    Shang A Lang    


4-01    Scrapyard    
4-02    My Socks Gone Down My Shoe    
4-03    Poochie    
4-04    I Wouldn't Lie    
4-05    Having A Beer    
4-06    Lullaby Of Mongolia    
4-07    Truncheon Meat Squad    
4-08    Poochie (Slight Return)    
4-09    I Don't Know    
4-10    Mongols On The Streets Of London    
4-11    I'm Angry    
4-12    Singing Out Of Tune    
4-13    Genghis Khan    
4-14    The Things That Make The Mongols So Great    
4-15    Patrick Moore (He Talks To Me)    


5-01    Primrose Of The Valley    
5-02    Bloody Disgrace    
5-03    Nausea Vomiting Diahorea    
5-04    A Fistful Of Shitters    
5-05    Don't You Just Hate It    
5-06    Storm From The East    
5-07    The Laughing Policeman    
5-08    667, The Neighbour Of The Beast    
5-09    Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps (2001)    
5-10    Woe Is Moe    
5-11    A Tinny Or Two    
5-12    Parallel Lines    
5-13    Not As Easy As It Looks    
5-14    I Don't Know What Did I Do That For?    
5-15    Egg Sandwich    
5-16    What I Do Behind Closed Doors

Label : Captain Oi!  - AHOYBX364
Barcode : 5013929606401

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