Taana Gardner - Taana Gardner CDBBR213

Taana Gardner - Taana Gardner CDBBR213

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Taana Gardner was born in Newark, New Jersey and as a precocious
young girl always knew she wanted to sing and perform. Influenced
initially by her mother (who played piano in the Gardner home), and
grandmother (who was an opera singer) Taana wrote several plays
from the tender age of 11 and first appeared on stage as an actress in
one of her own plays. One of her plays even went on to be performed
at the Lincoln Center and The Apollo.

BBR favourite Dionne Warwick and also the great Tina Turner (amongst
others) inspired Taana in terms of her singing aspirations and in 1978
the brother of Kenton Nix turned him on to Taana and suggested her
for the project he was working on with West End records. When Taana
arrived for her first ever studio session there was another group using
the studio who, after hearing Taana sing, invited her to contribute
vocals to one of their tracks. That group was Kid Creole and the
Coconuts recording the album ‘Spooks In Space’ under the name Aural
Exciters for the US market, on which Taana became the lead vocalist.
A classic case of right place, right time.

TAANA GARDNER, was the product of the West End records sessions
with producer Kenton Nix which she had been initially lined up for. Nix
had been championed to the label by legendary DJ Larry Levan who
had already been spinning an instrumental version of Work That Body
in his Paradise Garage sets. ‘Work That Body’ (Disco #10) became a big
club hit…. So Nix recorded more tracks with Taana including ‘When
You Touch Me’ (Disco #10), included on this album, and what has
become West End’s biggest ever hit, ‘Heartbeat’, (R&B #10) the classic
mid-tempo groover worshipped by Larry Levan, two versions of which
are represented on this release amongst the many bonus tracks.

BBR is very proud to bring you TAANA GARDNER, completely remastered
and repackaged complete with extensive liner notes and
extended bonus content.

TAANA GARDNER is a must have for all Soul and Disco fans out there!

1 When You Touch Me
2 We Got To Work It Out
3 Just Be A Friend
4 Paradise Express
5 Work That Body

Bonus tracks:

6 Heartbeat (12'' Club Version)
7 No Frills (12'' Club Version)
8 That's The Word (12'' Club Version) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED CANCELLED 12" FROM 1982!
9 Heartbeat (12'' Party Version)
10 No Frills (12'' Party Version)

Label : Big Break records
          CDBBR 0213
Ean :5013929051331

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