The Many Faces Of Yes 3-cd

The Many Faces Of Yes 3-cd

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Many Faces Of Yes 3-cd.

Along with Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson and Genesis, Yes is without a doubts the most important of the British progressive rock band of all time. The original sound of the group was a something never Heard of when its self-titled debut album came out in 1969.
In The Many Faces of Yes we present an unknown side of the band, with recordings by the group as a whole and also by solo members, including rarities and other gems.

In CD 1, "The BBC Sessions", we presented the group with their original lineup (Jon Anderson on vocals, Peter Banks on guitar, Bill Bruford on drums, Chris Squire on bass and Tony Kaye on keyboards) with their performances in the London’s BBC Radio. They play songs from their first album "Sweetness, Looking Around" plus a fantastic version of The Beatles’ "Every Little Thing". It also contains material from their second album "Time And A Word" (1970): "Then", "Everydays", "Sweet Dreams", "Astral Traveller" and the audacious version of "No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed" by Richie Havens. In these incredible BBC Sessions we can also find "Dear Father", a song that appeared (in a studio version) many years later in the "Yesterdays" compilation. It also contains a couple of unreleased tracks: "Somethin's Coming" and "For Everyone".

The CD 2 is titled "Before and After Yes’ Projects" and contains songs by several members of the group recorded before and after they were part of the band. We start with the monumental "Catherine Howard", from the unforgettable album "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII" by keyboard player Rick Wakeman. Then we follow up with songs by "Flash" (the project that guitarist Peter Banks put together after he left the group in 1970). We also present two songs "Lifetime" and "Monday Morning Eyes," from "In The Can" the band’s second album, released in 1972. This amazing selection is completed with "The Last Eclipse" from "Two Sides Of Peter Banks", Banks’ solo debut. It’s worth no note that he wrote the álbum along some of the best progressive rock’s musicians from that era: (Phil Collins, guitarist Jan Akkerman from Focus and Steve Hackett from Genesis).

The CD 3, is titled "Playin' Their Favourite Songs" and its name says it all. Members and former members of Yes playing songs from Pink Floyd, Genesis and even the AOR classic "More Than A Feeling" by Boston.
The Many Faces of Yes, is an essential album for any collector of symphonic rock.

CD 1  The BBC Session 

1:Then - yes
2:Sweet dreams - yes
3:Looking around - yes
4:Everydays - yes
5:Astral traveller - yes
6:Every little thing - yes
7:Sweetness - yes
8:Dear father - yes
9:For everyone - yes

CD 2 Projects Before And After Yes

1:Catherine howard - rick wakeman
2:Lifetime - flash (feat. peter banks)
3:Flowerman - the syn (feat. chris squire)
4:Last eclipse - peter banks
5:The revealing science of god - rick wakeman
6:14 hour technicolour dream - the syn (feat. chri
7:Monday morning eyes - flash (feat. peter banks)
8:Long distance runaround - rick wakeman
9:Sole survivor - asia (feat. geoff downes & steve
10:America - rick wakeman
11:Here comes the feeling - asia (feat. geoff downes
12:Video killed the radio star - buggles (feat geoff Downes & Trevor Horn)

CD 3: Playing Their Favorite songs

1:Breathe - alan white & tony kaye
2:Money - bill bruford
3:Brain damage - geoff downes
4:Comfortably numb - chris squire & alan white
5:The great gig in the sky - rick wakeman & steve
6:In the flesh? - alan white
7:Los endos - patrick moraz
8:Us and them - tony kaye
9:On the run - alan white
10:Goodbye blue sky - steve howe
11:Eclipse - peter banks & tony kaye
12:More than a feeling - alan white & tony kaye

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