The Many Faces Off Jimi Hendrix 3-cd.

The Many Faces Off Jimi Hendrix 3-cd.

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The Many Faces Off Jimi Hendrix 3-cd.

We can all agree that Jimi Hendrix has been one of the most charismatic and creative guitar players of all time, with his influence spanning generations of musicians. In The Many Faces Of Jimi Hendrix we will immerse into his career and his works, his first steps in the music industry collaborating with different artists, the side projects of his two main backing bands’ members (Experience and Band Of Gypsys) and also, we will pay homage to his songs, one of the most essential treasures of rock music’s culture.
If you are a rock fan, you can’t miss the most recent volume of our The Many Faces releases. It’s presented with extended liner notes, a luxurious cover art and remastered sound. Finally, remember that it’s not available on streaming platforms.
1: The Many Faces Of The Jimi Hendrix Experience And Band Of Gypsys 

01. Midnight Daydream - Bruce Cameron Feat Billy Cox & Buddy Miles
02. How Would You Feel - Curtis Knight Feat Jimi Hendrix
03. Genuine - Cork Feat Noel Redding
04. Compassion For The Blues - Buddy Miles
05. I Don?t Know What You?ve Got But It?s Got Me - Little Richard Feat Jimi Hendrix
06. Raining The Blues - Bruce Cameron Feat Mitch Michell
07. Your Mama Wants Ya Back - Betty Davis
08. Knock Yourself Out - Curtis Knight & The Squires Feat Jimi Hendrix
09. Waiting - Cork Feat Noel Redding
10. Hornet's Nest - Curtis Knight & The Squires Feat Jimi Hendrix
11. Tobacco Road - Buddy Miles
12. Born To Lose - Bruce Cameron Feat Billy Cox & Buddy Miles
13. Shoo-b-doop And Cop Him - Betty Davis
14. Sin City - Cork Feat Noel Redding

2: Jimi Hendrix: The Early Sessions

The Psychedelic Sessions

01. Free Spirit
02. Wipe The Sweat
03. Red House
04. Voices
05. Psycho
06. Hot Trigger

The Soul Sessions

07. Voice In The Wind
08. Go-go Jam
09. She?s A Fox
10. Suspicious
11. Soul Floor

The Rock N'roll Sessions

12. Keep A Knockin?
13. Long Tall Sally
14. Lucille


01. Hey Joe - Fouth Stone
02. Spanish Castle Magic - Monks Of Doom
03. Fire - Tricky Bag
04. All Along The Watchtower - Freedom Searchers
05. Can You See Me? - Thee Hypnotics
06. Purple Haze - Bleeding Hearts
07. Ain.'t No Telling - 501 Spanish Verbs
08. Third Stone From The Sun - David Dreams
09. I Don?t Live Today - The Corn Dollies
10. You Got Me Floating - Styler And Baldwin
11. Voodoo Chile - The Membranes
12. Spanish Castle Magic - The Stretch Heads
13. If Six Was Nine - Obsequious Cheesecake
14. Are You Experienced? - The Mock Turtles

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