Tool - Starplex Dallas '93

Tool - Starplex Dallas '93

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Release date 19 Mei 2023.

Tool - Starplex Dallas '93.

Best of TOOL live,  Lollapalooza at the starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, USA, August 1st 1993.

TOOL is a progressive metalband from Los Angeles, California. 
The band was formed in 1990 by singer Maynard James Keenan, guitar player Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carey. 
They released their first album in 1993. 
The band’s themes are often deep and discusses filosofical and regilious themes. 

Their music is known for exciting, complicated time signatures. 
Drummer Danny Carey’s love for math is often present in their songs, even playing Fibonachi’s sequence in the song ‘Lateralus’. 
The band has a cult status amongst metal lovers world wide , and is known for their impressive live sets.

Side A :

1.         Intolerance 5:54
2.         Undertow 5:35
3.         Sober 4:58

Side B :

1.         Prison Sex 4:47
2.         Opiate 5:47
3.         Bottom 7:02

Total playing : ca 47 minutes

Label : Cult Legends  CL900177
Barcode : 8717662590177

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