Who's Who - Palace Palace (Mighty Mouse Remixes) 12″

Who's Who - Palace Palace (Mighty Mouse Remixes) 12″

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Who's Who - Palace Palace (Mighty Mouse Remixes) 12″.

This is a pure labour of love, not only is Daniel Vangarde a musical  legend, he created, produced and wrote, (together with his musical partner Jean Kluger) acts like Gibson Brothers, Ottawan and La Compagnie Creole, he’s also the father of Thomas “Daft Punk” Bangalter, one of Mighty Mouse’s musical heroes.

Mighty Mouse reveals: I loved the original, and wanted to keep the energy of it in my remix. I kept a lot of the music parts and added a few synth elements and re did the drums to support what was already there. It was much fun, and a little nerve racking. When I got the stems it was like a history lesson and I could hear where Daft Punk must have got some of their influence from, just listen to those vocoders! I got the seal of approval from Daniel too, as he said…“It did put a great smile on my face too! Congratulations, the remix is really good.”

The remixer understood the spirit and energy of the music, this is rare.” Now, talking about a compliment!

Mighty Mouse’s mind was blown at this point, so we are excited to bring you this masterpiece in 12” format!

A : Who's Who - Palace Palace (Mighty Mouse Remix) 6:41
B : Who's Who - Palace Palace (Mighty Mouse Dub) 5:59a

Label : High Fashion Music - MS483
Barcode : 8718026048310

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  • Who's Who - Palace Palace (Mighty Mouse Remixes) 12″