List of songs produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

"2 Bad" by Michael Jackson
"20 (Intro)" by Janet Jackson
"4 Seasons of Loneliness" by Boyz II Men
"70's Love Groove" by Janet Jackson


"A Broken Heart Can Mend" by Alexander O'Neal
"A Cute, Sweet Love Addiction" by Johnny Gill
"Addicted To You by Hikaru Utada
"Affair" by Cherrelle
"Again" by Janet Jackson
"Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)" by Mariah Carey
"All Around the World" by Boyz II Men
"All for You" by Janet Jackson
"All True Man" by Alexander O'Neal
"All Turned Out" by Klymaxx
"Already Alright" by Yolanda Adams
"Alright" by Janet Jackson
"Alwaysness" by Yolanda Adams
"Anatomy 10n1" by Mýa
"And If I Ever" by Vanessa L. Williams
"Angel" by Chaka Khan
"Another Lover" by Janet Jackson
"Any Time, Any Place" by Janet Jackson
"Anything" by Janet Jackson
"Aquarium" by Tiana Xiao
"Are You Still Up" by Janet Jackson
"Artificial Heart" by Cherrelle


"Back to You" by Jessica Simpson
"Bad Girl" by Usher
"Bad Times" by Captain Rapp
"Baggage" by Mary J. Blige
"Be Blessed" by Yolanda Adams
"Because of Love" by Janet Jackson
"Better Days" by Janet Jackson
"Better Than Making Love" by Chante Moore
"Black Cat" by Janet Jackson
"Bliss" by Mariah Carey
"Blu is a Mood" by Blu Cantrell
"Borrowed Love" by S.O.S. Band
"Breakup" by S.O.S. Band


"Can I Get a Witness" by Ann Nesby
"Can U Help Me" by Usher
"Can't Get Enough" by Mary J. Blige
"Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)" by Mariah Carey
"Can You Stand the Rain" by New Edition
"Can You Treat Me Like She Does?" by Real to Reel (co-produced with Leon F. Sylvers III)
"Catch Me" by Jyongri
"Change of Heart" by Change
"Chante's Got a Man" by Chanté Moore
"China Love" by Janet Jackson
"Choose" by Color Me Badd
"Come Back to Me" by Janet Jackson
"Come On" by Barry White
"Come on Get Up" by Janet Jackson
"Control" by Janet Jackson
"Country" by Janet Jackson
"Crazy (For Loving You)" by Cherrelle
"Criticize" by Alexander O'Neal
"Cupid In Me" by Nodesha
"Curious" by Nodesha
"Crying Overtime" by Alexander O'Neal

"Damita Jo" by Janet Jackson
"Dance and Shout" by Shaggy
"Dance Out of My Head" by Pia Zadora
"Destiny" by Tiana Xiao
"Diamonds" by Herb Alpert featuring Janet Jackson
"Discreet" by Cherrelle
"Disrespectful" by Chaka Khan featuring Mary J. Blige
"Do It 2 Me" by Janet Jackson
"Do What I Gotta Do" by Ralph Tresvant
"Do You Still Want To" by S.O.S. Band
"Do You Wanna Like I Do" by Alexander O'Neal
"Doesn't Really Matter" by Janet Jackson

"Easy" by Chante Moore
"Echo" by Tiana Xiao
"Empty" by Janet Jackson
"Encore" by Cheryl Lynn
"Escapade" by Janet Jackson
"Even When You Sleep" by S.O.S. Band
"Every Step" by Beverley Knight
"Every Time" by Janet Jackson
"Everything" by Mary J. Blige
"Everything I Miss At Home" by Cherrelle
"Everything Is Gonna Be Alright" by Sounds of Blackness

"Fake" by Alexander O'Neal
"Feel Me Now" by Melanie B
"Feels So Good" by Melanie B
"Feels So Right" by Janet Jackson
"Fidelity" by Cheryl Lynn
"Fishnet" by Morris Day
"For Your Love" by S.O.S. Band
"Forever Love" by Color Me Badd
"Four Seasons of Loneliness" by Boyz II Men
"Fragile" by Cherrelle
"Free" by Mýa
"Free As You Wanna Be" by Lisa Keith
"Free Xone" by Janet Jackson
"Funky Big Band" by Janet Jackson
"Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)" by Janet Jackson


"Get It Out Me" by Janet Jackson
"Get It While It's Hot" by Nodesha
"Give It to You" by Jordan Knight
"Giving My All To You" by Johnny Gill
"Go Deep" by Janet Jackson
"Got My Eyes On You" by Change
"Gotta Get Yo' Groove On" by Tevin Campbell


"Happiness" by Vanessa L. Williams
"Happy That You're Happy With Me" by Cherrelle
"Harajuku Girls" by Gwen Stefani
"Hard to Say Goodbye" by Karyn White
"He Doesn't Know I'm Alive" by Janet Jackson
"Hearsay" by Alexander O'Neal
"Heat of Heat" by Patti Austin
"Heaven" by Solo
"Helplessly in Love" by New Edition
"He's So Good To Me" by Chante Moore
"High Hopes" by S.O.S. Band
"High Priority" by Cherrelle
"Higher Than This" by Ledisi
"HIStory" by Michael Jackson
"Hold on Baby" by Janet Jackson
"Home" by Cherrelle
"Home Again" by New Edition
"Hooked on You" by Karyn White
"How Do I Say" by Usher
"Human" by The Human League
"Human (The Five Remix)" by Five
"Human II (Don't Turn Your Back on Me)" by Boyz II Men
"Hungah" by Karyn White


"I Adore You" by Caron Wheeler
"I Can't Wait" by Crystal Kay
"I Cry To Myself" by Chante Moore
"I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" by Cherrelle and later, Robert Palmer (Jam and Lewis also produced the later remake by Mariah Carey)
"I Get Lonely" by Janet Jackson
"I Know Where I Stand" by Johnny Gill
"I Like It Like That" by Toni Braxton
"I Need Your Loving" by The Human League
"I Only Want To Be With You" by Barry White
"I Really Like You (Not Him)" by Pia Zadora
"I Started Crying" by Chante Moore
"I Turn to You" by All-4-One
"I Want You" by Janet Jackson
"I Will Get There" by Boyz II Men
"I'd Rather Be Alone" by Karyn White
"I Wish I Wasn't" by Heather Headley
"I'd Rather Spend the Bad Times With You Than the Good Times With Someone New" by Thelma Houston
"I'll Do Anything For You" by Ann Nesby
"I'll Find a Way" by Blu Cantrell
"I'm Gonna Be Ready" by Yolanda Adams
"I'm Good at Being Bad" by TLC
"I'm Here For You" by Ann Nesby
"I'm in Love" by Lisa Keith
"I'm Still in Love With You" by New Edition
"I'm Still Wearing Your Name" by Ann Nesby
"I'm Thankful" by Yolanda Adams
"I'm Your Friend" by Ann Nesby
"I'm Your Woman" by Karyn White
"Ice Cream Dream" by MC Lyte
"If" by Janet Jackson
"If It Isn't Love" by New Edition
"If We Fall in Love Tonight" by Rod Stewart
"If You Love Me" by Ann Nesby
"If You Wanna Have Some Fun" by Spice Girls
"In the Spirit" by Ann Nesby
"Innocent" by Alexander O'Neal
"Is It Scary" by Michael Jackson
"Island Life" by Janet Jackson
"It All Comes Down to Love" by Janet Jackson
"It Burns Me Up" by Change
"It Must Be Love" by Thelma Houston
"Itoshiihito" by Crystal Kay
"It's On" by Smooth

"Jam" by The Human League
"Joy" by Sounds of Blackness
"Just Be Good To Me" by S.O.S. Band
"Just The Way You Like It" by S.O.S. Band

"Keep It Inside" by Cherrelle
"Keep Your Eye on Me" by Herb Alpert
"Kirakuni" by Crystal Kay
"Knees" by Howard Johnson


"Late" by Mýa
"Laughin' at You" by Pia Zadora
"Let Old Memories Be" by Ann Nesby
"Let's Get Together (So Groovy Now)" by Krush
"Let's Wait Awhile" by Janet Jackson
"Lil' Red Boat" Angel Grant
"Lingerie" Usher
"Livin' in a World (They Didn't Make)" by Janet Jackson
"Lock and Key" by Klymaxx
"Lonely" by Janet Jackson
"Lonely Lover" by Shaggy
"Look At Us Now" by Alexander O'Neal
"Looking for Love" by Janet Jackson
"Looks Aren't Everything" by Cherrelle
"Love And The Woman" by Chante Moore
"Love, Part 2" by Janet Jackson
"Love Is All That Matters" by The Human League
"Love is a Game" by Morris Day
"Love Is All We Need" by Mary J. Blige
"Love Isn't Body... It's Soul" by Lisa Keith
"Love on the Run" by The Human League
"Love Scene (Ooh Baby)" by Janet Jackson
"Love That's Mine" by Karyn White
"Love Will Never Do (Without You)" by Janet Jackson
"Love's Dance" by Earth, Wind & Fire
"Love's Still Alright" by Chante Moore
"Loveable" by Chante Moore & Kenny Lattimore
"Lovely Lady" by Change
"Luv Me, Luv Me" by Shaggy

"Magic Hour" by Janet Jackson
"Make Him Do Right" by Karyn White
"Mars vs. Venus" by Usher
"Making Love in the Rain" by Herb Alpert
"Miss Perfect" by Abs
"Miss You Much" by Janet Jackson
"Mo' Money Groove" by Mo' Money Allstars
"Moist" by Janet Jackson
"Money" by The Human League
"Money Can't Buy You Love" by Ralph Tresvant
"Monkey(Jam & Lewis Extended Remix)" by George Michael
"Monstar" by Usher
"Mood" by Chante Moore
"Multi-purpose Girls" by Klymaxx
"My Baby" by Janet Jackson ft. Kanye West
"My Dear" by Mint Condition
"My Funny Friend and Me by Sting
"My Gift to You" by Alexander O'Neal
"My Need" by Janet Jackson


"Nasty" by Janet Jackson
"Never Give Up" by Yolanda Adams
"Never Knew Love Like This" by Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle
"Never Too Far" by Mariah Carey
"New Agenda" by Janet Jackson
"New Love" by Cherrelle
"No Lies" by S.O.S. Band
"No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige
"No One's Gonna Love You" by S.O.S. Band
"Nobody But My Baby" by Karyn White
"Nothing But The Best" by S.O.S. Band

"Oh, Yeah, It Feels So Good" by New Edition
"Oh No It's U Again" by Cherrelle
"Older Girl" by Howard Johnson
"Oh Well" by Boyz II Men
"On Bended Knee" by Boyz II Men
"One For All Time" by Chaka Khan
"One Heart" by Karyn White
"One Minute" by Karyn White
"One More Day" by New Edition
"Open My Heart" by Yolanda Adams
"Optimistic" by Sounds of Blackness
"Our First Christmas" by Alexander O'Neal
"Oxygen" by Spice Girls



"Party" by The Human League
"Petals" by Mariah Carey
"Pia's Theme" by Pia Zadora
"Pick Me Up" by Cherrelle
"Provocative" by Johnny Gill
"Pure Gold" by Earth, Wind & Fire
"Push Your Tush" by Jessica Simpson


"Quiet Time To Play" by Johnny Gill

"R&B Junkie" by Janet Jackson
"Rain" by Janet Jackson
"Rated R" by Ralph Tresvant
"Reflections (Care Enough)" by Mariah Carey
"Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson
"Ritual of Love" by Karyn White
"Romantic" by Karyn White
"Rope Burn" by Janet Jackson
"Rub You the Right Way" by Johnny Gill
"Runaway" by Janet Jackson

"Saturday Love" by Cherrelle & Alexander O'Neal
"Say... If You Feel Alright" by Crystal Waters
"Say You Love Me Again" by Change
"Scream" by Janet Jackson & Michael Jackson
"Sensitivity" by Ralph Tresvant
"Seduction" by Usher
"Separated" by Usher
"Sexo" by Ralph Tresvant
"Shame" by Alexander O'Neal
"She's My Love Thang" by Ralph Tresvant
"Show Me" by Janet Jackson
"Silence" by Pia Zadora
"Simple Pleasures" by Karyn White
"Simple Things" by Usher
"Since I've Been Lovin' You" by Pia Zadora
"Sister" by Nodesha
"Sleigh Ride" by Alexander O'Neal
"Slow and Sexy" by Shabba Ranks
"So Excited" by Janet Jackson
"Somebody" by Alexander O'Neal
"Someday is Tonight" by Janet Jackson
"Someone to Call My Lover" by Janet Jackson
"Something About You" by New Edition
"Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)" by Janet Jackson
"Special" by Janet Jackson
"Spending Time With You" by Janet Jackson
"State of the World" by Janet Jackson
"Still Remembered" by Pia Zadora
"Strawberry Bounce" by Janet Jackson
"Strong Man (Jeff in C Minor)" by Kelly Price
"Sugar Boddy" by Nodesha
"Summer is The Coldest Time of Year" by Patti Austin
"Sunshine" by Alexander O'Neal
"Swang" by The Human League
"Sweet Dreams" by Janet Jackson
"Swingin'" by Blu Cantrell

"Tabloid Junkie" by Michael Jackson
"Tell Me if You Still Care" by S.O.S. Band
"Tender Love" by Force MD's
"Testify" by Sounds of Blackness
"Thank God I Found You" by Mariah Carey ft. Joe & 98 Degrees
"Thank You For a Good Year" by Alexander O'Neal
"That's Crazy" by Nodesha
"That's the Way Love Goes" by Janet Jackson
"That's Why I Love You" by Boyz II Men
"That's What It's Made For" by Usher
"The Bells" by Color Me Badd
"The Best Things in Life Are Free" by Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross
"The Best Man I Can Be" by Ginuwine, R. L. Huggar, Tyrese & Case
"The Body That Loves You" by Janet Jackson
"The Evolution of Gospel" by Sounds of Blackness
"The Finest" by S.O.S. Band
"The Floor" by Johnny Gill
"The Heat of Heat" by Patti Austin
"The Invitation" by Ann Nesby
"The Islands" by Janet Jackson
"The Knowledge" by Janet Jackson
"The Love I Never Had" by Mary J. Blige
"The Lovers" by Alexander O'Neal
"The Man in My Life" by Klymaxx
"The Morning After" by Alexander O'Neal
"The One" by Janet Jackson
"The Opening" by Cherrelle
"The Other Side" by El DeBarge
"The Pressure" by Sounds of Blackness
"The Right Thing to Do" by Carly Simon and Megan Mullally
"The Yoke" by Alexander O'Neal
"Things That Lovers Do" by Chante Moore & Kenny Lattimore
"Thinkin' About Love" by Karyn White
"This Body" by Janet Jackson
"This Moment Is Mine" by Chante Moore
"This Time" by Janet Jackson
"This Weekend" by Ann Nesby
"Thrill Me" by Ann Nesby
"Throb" by Janet Jackson
"Through the Rain" by Mariah Carey
"Time Is Running Out" by Alexander O'Neal
"Tonight's the Night" by Janet Jackson
"Together Again" by Janet Jackson
"Trust a Try" by Janet Jackson
"Truth" by Janet Jackson
"Truth Hurts" by Usher
"Truly" by Janet Jackson
"Turn It Up" by Raja Nee
"Twenty Foreplay" by Janet Jackson
"Twister" by Mariah Carey
"Two Time Lover" by S.O.S. Band
"Twork It Out" by Usher



"U Remind Me" by Usher
"Mars Vs. Venus by Usher


"Velvet Rope" by Janet Jackson ft. Vanessa Mae

"Wait & See: Risk" by Hikaru Utada
"Walkin' Round in a Circle" by Jessica Simpson
"Walkin' the Dog" by Karyn White
"Want You" by Mariah Carey ft. Eric Benet
"Warm" by Change
"Warmth" by Janet Jackson
"Weakness" by Karyn White
"Weekend Girl" by S.O.S. Band
"We Should Be" by Trey Songz
"What a Lonely Evening" by Ann Nesby
"What About" by Janet Jackson
"What Can I Say to Make You Love Me" by Alexander O'Neal
"What Have You Done For Me Lately" by Janet Jackson
"What's Missing" by Alexander O'Neal
"What's Not Being Said" by Heather Headley
"Who's The Mack?" by Ralph Tresvant
"When I Need Somebody" by Ralph Tresvant
"When I Need You" by Rod Stewart
"When I Think of You" by Janet Jackson
"What Is This Thing Called Love?" by Alexander O'Neal
"What More Can I Do For You" by Cherrelle
"When the Party's Over" by Alexander O'Neal
"When We Oooo" by Janet Jackson
"When You're Far Away" by Gladys Knight & The Pips
"When You Look in My Eyes" by Cherrelle
"Where Are You Now" by Janet Jackson
"Where No Man Has Gone Before" by Johnny Gill
"Wherever You Are" by Yolanda Adams
"Who's It Gonna Be" by Cherrelle
"Who's Your Woman" by Cleopatra
"Why Should I Cry" by Nona Hendrixx
"Wild Girls" by Klymaxx
"Will You Satisfy" by Cherrelle
"Wind" by Janet Jackson
"Wishes" by Nathan Morris
"With U" by Janet Jackson

"Your Home Is In My Heart" by Boyz II Men & Chante Moore
"Yes This Party's Going Right" by Cleopatra
"You" by Janet Jackson
"You Ain't Right" by Janet Jackson
"You Are My Melody" by Change
"You Belong to Me" by Chaka Khan featuring Michael McDonald
"You Can Be Mine" by Janet Jackson
"You Look Good To Me" by Cherrelle
"You Need Me" by Janet Jackson
"You're Not My Kind of Girl" by New Edition
"You Used to Hold Me So Tight" by Thelma Houston
"You Want This" by Janet Jackson
"You Were Meant To Be My Lady (Not My Girl)" by Alexander O'Neal
"Yours" by Mariah Carey